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What are bifocals and bifocal contacts?

December 5th, 2009

Though bifocals are not the earliest members in the glasses family, they have made great success since the day they are invented. It is said that the great Benjamin Franklin has created the first bifocals. Despite there are no evidences that can exactly tell who is the inventors; the world has unanimously agreed that Franklin is the inventor of bifocals.

The earliest function of bifocals is for vision correction. Some people in then time accidentally found that bifocals can improve their eyesight. The earliest bifocals are comprised of two pieces of convex glasses, and they can help people look objects much clearer.

The first bifocals are very different from that of nowadays. With time goes by, bifocals have got their modern forms since the beginning of 20th century. Nowadays people can notice that the different forms of bifocals are available in modern society.

Among various forms of bifocals, bifocal contacts are very special and popular. Regular wearers have come into recognition that bifocal contacts are not limited to improve their vision. Generally speaking, bifocal contacts can always make their wearers comfortable. When wearing a pair of bifocal contacts, people feel that their eyes are in ease all the time. With the usage of high technologies in bifocals, bifocal contacts are easily to take off or wear. And almost all bifocal contacts are UV-resistible.

As for many wearers, bifocal contacts are essential for their lives. Some people, especially these old people, are very satisfied with bifocal contacts, for in their past several decades, these vision correction aids have made their life colorful.

Addition to bifocal contacts, there are still many other forms of bifocals at the market. However changeable are their forms, bifocals will serve for the people all long.