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Best Titanium Sunglasses: More Than Just Durable

October 16th, 2011

Do the dazzlingly durability still qualify the best titanium sunglasses on the market? Not necessarily. As we look closer into the nuts and bolts of titanium sunglasses, we may find the best pair is more than just durable.

Upon hearing the phrase “titanium sunglasses“, most people would almost immediately think of their exceptional durability. No doubt about it, they are durable. As a matter of fact, the material that is used in such shades is just about as durable as it ever gets. Titanium, a.k.a the space age metal, is probably the most lightweight metal in the universe. Despite of that, the metal is pretty strong, enjoying the highest strength/weight ratio in all metals. Such outstanding characteristics have seen the metal being used in a wide variety of fields including sporting goods, mobile phones, dental instruments, jewelry, orthopedic implants, and most notably on the space shuttles, which brought about the name space age metal. Since the adoption of titanium in the sunglasses frames, they have been adored by millions and created a huge following among people of different ages, nationalities and genders. The word durability has since been linked to the image of titanium shades. True as the description may be, it is not all what titanium shades are.

best titanium sunglasses

So, not only durable, what the adjective then? Well, how about unbreakable or indestructible. You might say I’m bragging or false advertising, but that’s what the best titanium sunglasses are. The best titanium sunglasses can not be destroyed! To achieve such extremity in durability, one material called memory metal has to be used. This is a titanium-based alloy that is extremely flexible, so much so that titanium sunglass frames made of such material can actually return to their original shapes even after serious twisting, bending or crushing. Flexon owned by Marchon Eyewear is a typical example. With shades framed with such material, the wearer no longer need to constantly take good care of their hard-earned dollars invested shades. They can put their shades wherever they want, and if they accidentally step on them or drop them off the table, just a few pushes and pulls and they are back to normal.

best titanium sunglasses

In an increasingly appearance-conscious era, no sunglasses escape the blackhole of fashion requirements. No matter how comfortable and functional a pair of shades might be, if they don’t totally rock on your face, they are of no use. The best titanium sunglasses out there fit the bill fashion wise perfectly. Mostly, titanium sunglasses are available in the aviator style. As a trend that has stood still for more than a half century, no other style speaks of fashion better than the aviators. The best titanium sunglasses out there almost all feature the classic tear drop shape and the thin wire frames, making them the most fashionable choices of shades you can find in any material options.