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Wide variety of Bausch Lomb lenses

January 14th, 2010

As the world leading contact lenses, Bausch Lomb lenses have developed a wide range of lenses to meet the different eye needs of different people. No matter myopia, hyperopia or presbyopia or astigmatism, you can easily find a style of Bausch and Lomb lens to suitable for your eye problem. The following will take one as an example for each eye problem to illustrate the features of Bausch and Lomb lens:

Purevision Bausch and Lomb lens is a good choice for myopia. This kind of Bausch Lomb lenses are equipped with the excellent performance of 30-day continuous wearing with the breakthrough technology. More import, Purevision Bausch and Lomb lens are GS (Gas Permeable), which enable people with extreme comforts.

For hyperopic people, it is recommended to wear Opitma 38 Bausch Lomb lenses. This kind of Bausch and Lomb lens is manufactured by the technology of “Reverse Process III” to make it easy to fit. And good on-eye lens centration is ensured by the lathe-cut rear surface.

Purevision Multi-Focal Bausch Lomb lenses are designed for presbyopia. This Bausch and Lomb lens is the only silicone hydrogel lens equipped with the No.1 selling multifocal design. Purevision Multi-Focal Bausch Lomb lenses make the natural presbyopic correction accomplished by the center-near aspheric design.

For astigmatism, you can have a try on Solfens toric Bausch Lomb lenses, which can be fit for all astigmatic patients. You can choose from daily wear or up to 7 days continuous wear contact lens. Solfens Toric Bausch Lomb lenses offer people with excellent comforts enabled by high oxygen permeability.

Bausch Lomb soflens contact lens, your choice for vision correction

October 27th, 2009

Bausch Lomb soflens contact lens is an old and major brand for Bausch Lomb which has won the favor of many people in the world. People can use this kind of Bausch Lomb lens to make vision correction, including astigmatism or presbyopia. With the deposit-resistant material, excellent comfort, Bausch Lomb soflens has gone through the test by time and won the trust of users.

Bausch Lomb soflens are available in toric and multi-focal contact lenses. This Bausch Lomb lens is made from traditional hydrogel materials. Recently, Bausch Lomb soflens has developed the Daily Disposable line to satisfy customers’ needs, with the outstanding characteristics of clearer vision and more comfortable wear with a new aspheric optical design.

Below, we will introduce some typical Bausch Lomb soflens contact lens for your reference: Toric

Bausch Lomb soflens lens is a two-week disposable replacement for astigmatism by refocusing light to a single point for sharp, clear vision. And the Bausch Lomb lens is exceptionally stable to wear by the patented Lo-Torque. Multi-Focal Bausch Lomb soflens can help you to see clear at all distance, from near to far, by the unique Natra-Sight Optics. Besides, this Bausch Lomb lens can also provide you with all-day comforts. Bausch Lomb soflens 59 are also a two-week replacement contact lens, with the merits of high visual acuity, comfortable wear that you are looking for. This

Bausch Lomb lens is made from a protein resistant material that can provide you the excellent performance for your eye safety.