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Choose Baby Sunglasses for Your Baby as Early as Possible

March 9th, 2010

——Baby BanZ Baby Sunglasses Maybe a Good Choice

Most of parents overlook baby sunglasses as a sun protection necessity for their little infant. That is risky. Too much sun exposure can lead to various eye problems, from macular degeneration to eyelid cancers. So the earlier you equip your baby with a pair of infant sunglasses the better for your baby’s eyes in the long run.

You may complain that baby is too young to wear infant sunglasses because they tend to fall off, get lost, break or be thrown and trampled. No worry about that, Baby BanZ baby sunglasses will dispel your concerns.

Baby Banz has passed the most stringent standards on baby sunglasses in the world. Baby BanZ baby sunglasses are designed for infants and kids from 6 to 18 months and become the brand leader in baby sunglasses industry.

Baby BanZ baby sunglasses have several features that can attract customers’ interest. First, Baby BanZ infant sunglasses offer 100% protection against the harmful UV rays for infants. Second, the unique adjustable neoprene strap and molded polycarbonate frames of Baby BanZ infant sunglasses ensure a secure yet comfortable fit on the child’s face whilst the UV400/category 3 polycarbonate lenses protect the child’s vulnerable eyes from harmful UV radiation. Third, the strap of Baby BanZ infant sunglasses allow for flexibility, breathing ability and comfort. And the side adjustable Velcro allows for years of wear as your baby grows. The earlier you introduce Baby BanZ baby sunglasses to your baby, the quicker they get accustomed to them.

Whatever infant sunglasses you choose for your little baby, you must ensure that they offer 100% UV protection through the lens and are neat enough fitting to prevent the sun getting in around the edges.