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What you must know about Arnette Sunglasses

May 5th, 2010

Arnette sunglasses are one of the items produced by Arnette Co., naming after its founder Greg Arnette, which was established in 1992. Although Arnette sunglasses are not as famous as Gucci, Nike or Oakley, they do constitute one of the favorite eyewear among those who like water activities, ski and other outdoor sports.

One glimpse at Arnette sunglasses collection, one may find that they are not as usual as those so-called multifunctional sunglasses. Firstly, Arnette sunglasses apply PC lens which are scratchproof, impact resistance, in light weight and 100% UV-proof. Secondly, Arnette sunglasses are always designed with frames made from a wide range of high quality materials including grilamid which features with lightweight, bi-alloy steel which guarantees the durability, and metal alloy which is characterized with flexibility. Thirdly, Arnette sunglasses are considered to be incorporated with the newest technology and innovations. Light as they usually tend to be, Arnette sunglasses ensure the perfect grip and are able to withstand the most grueling temperatures and lifestyles. Last but not least, Arnette sunglasses revolutionize the styles and colors of eyewear in various regions. No matter what kind of styles ranging from Aruba, Asylum, Dime to Heavenly have all been followed suit by other sunglasses industry players.

Arnette sunglasses are supposed to make athletic features in mind at the beginning. In light of their high quality and diverse styles, they have gained more popularity among people from all walks of life. No matter what you are going to wear, Arnette sunglasses will definitely give you a right look.

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