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Why Should Amblyopic Children Change Eyeglasses Frequently?

April 10th, 2011

When it comes to amblyopia treatment, parents usually put forward such a question, namely why it is necessary to retest the vision and change the eyeglasses frequently? While for adults, they can wear a same pair of eyeglasses for several years. Why?

This is because the children’s eyeballs are developing, which makes the ocular axis increase continuously. According to the rough calculation, when the ocular axis is increased by 1mm, the hyperopia degree will be reduced by about 3.0D correspondingly. The children’s ocular axis is 14.5 ~17.0 mm when they are born. Generally speaking, the ocular axis of them will not reach 24mm which is the ocular axis length for adults until they reach 6 ~8. Consequently, the children’s diopters vary all the time before they are 6 ~8, hence it is required for the amblyopic children to retest their visions and change their eyeglasses usually.

In addition, the pupil distances of the children keep getting larger. If they don’t change their eyeglasses in time, their eyes will not be able to see things clearly straightly through the optical centers of the lenses. As a result, apart from visual retest, it is also necessary to remeasure the children’s pupil distances and match them new glasses.

It is better that the visual retest is conducted once half a year or a year, not exceeding one year. After refilling a prescription the eyesight will be enhanced and the eye position will tend to normal. Changing eyeglasses is beneficial to improve the effect of treating amblyopia and reduce the treatment course.

It is worth noting that the parents should pay attention to prevent their children’s amblyopia from recurring. Some parents deem that the eyesight of the amblyopic children is improved means their amblyopia is healed, so they neglect the consolidation therapy and then fail to supervise the children’s consolidation therapy, examine their vision and replace their eyeglasses regularly. Moreover, the children’s consciousness is not so good, so they don’t persist wearing eyeglasses and coordinating the treatment. Both of the above two factors will lead to recurrence of amblyopia.