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Where To Buy Adjustable Eyeglasses

September 26th, 2011

For most people, vision problems mean more than just one single type of refractive error. More and more scientific journals and reports have shown that presbyopia and myopia can be found in the very same eyes and in most cases they are. Multi refractive errors on the same eyes mean a single fixed prescription power won’t do the trick anymore. Glasses with more than one power are needed so that the wearer can see clearly things of different distances. Traditionally, those glasses mean bifocal, trifocal or even progressive ones, in other words, glasses with multi focal lenses. While these glasses have their merits and advantages, they can be pretty difficult to operate sometimes too. Now, with a new type of glasses called adjustable eyeglasses, many of the drawbacks of multi focal ones will be spared and a whole new glasses-wearing experience can be presented to the wearers.

adjustable eyeglasses 1

Adjustable eyeglasses, as the name indicates, are eyeglasses of which the prescription powers can be adjusted. How do they exactly work, you may ask. Well, as it turns out, the lenses are fluid-filled and are connected via tubes to a small syringe containing extra fluid. The syringe are again attached to little dials. As a result, the amount of fluid that fills the lenses can be adjusted at a touch of the dial. The change of fluid in term causes change in curvature due to the flexible membranes of the lenses, hence change in prescription powers.

adjustable eyeglasses 2

Unlike with conditional multi focal glasses, adjustable eyeglasses can achieve short, intermediate or long distance vision corrections all in a whole field of view. With them, you don’t ever have to suffer the inconvenience of viewing the world in bits and pieces. Besides that, the discomfort of tilting or rotating your head just to position your eyesight on the right portion of lenses will be spared also since with adjustable glasses, and the only thing you need to do is a few touches of your finger. With single prescription powers, adjustable eyeglasses also avoid the same old problems you have with multi focal ones, such as image jump or spatial distortion.

adjustable eyeglasses 3

Having read all the above, you are probably pondering upon the question where to find these super convenient adjustable eyeglasses. Well, as a matter of fact, they are not that hard to find at all. They are readily available at optical stores and through online retaining channels, too. So, if your are still suffering from your old pair of bifocal or progressive glasses, you might start considering updating them to adjustable ones.