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How to adjust a pair of rimless eyeglass

December 16th, 2009

Rimless eyeglass is good in look but it also has some drawbacks. One problem that most of the rimless eyeglass users encounter is the loosening of screws on the lenses which join the temple and bridge together. Another headache is the frameless glasses are easily crooked.

When we have all these problems, best way is to ask for help from professional opticians. But if you want to adjust the rimless eyeglass frames yourself, here are some tips.

First, please take the rimless eyewear off the turn it over and let it sit on a table. By sitting the frameless glasses on the flat surface, you will see one higher temple and the other lower. Apply pressures evenly to the temples to make the higher lower and make the lower one higher. Then fasten the screws if they are loosened.

Second, you can only apply moderate pressure on the temples and nose bridge, as rimless eyeglass is the most crispy kind. For rimless eyewear, all the strength and joining depends on the lenses, while lenses are just two pieces of special resin. Too much of force used on the lenses will break the whole rimless eye glasses.

One good suggestion for taking good care of rimless eyeglass is to put thce frameless glasses in a protective case whenever they are not in use. When taking off the rimless eyeglass from face, use two hands. One-handedness is not a good habit which will break and crook the rimless eyewear easily. Always keep in mind frameless glasses require more delicate care than regular frames.

How to adjust rimless and plastic discount eyeglasses?

December 7th, 2009

People these days buy through online stores pairs of rimless or plastic discount eyeglasses for back-up. These purchase of discount eyeglasses lacks the procedure of fitting and fine adjustment by the opticians, therefore sometimes these discount eyewear doesn’t fit for the wearers. Metal discount eye glasses are considered the easiest to be adjusted, yet as the plastic and rimless discount eyeglasses represent more styles and shapes similar to or same as designers’ look, people still like to buy plastic and rimless discount eyeglasses in fashion look.

The rimless discount eyeglasses are the most vulnerable type which easily gets crooked. This mainly lies in the quality of the frame material ad the workmanship of the optician. Before adjusting rimless discount eyewear, you’d better know the quality of lenses whether they are polycarbonate or regular plastic like CR-39. Don’t try to adjust CR-39, leave it to the optician.

Plastic discount eye glasses are not so easy to adjust comparing with the metal ones. Usually you need to adjust the temples and the nose bridge of the discount eyewear. Most of the nose support of plastic eye glasses is an integral part of the frame, so nothing can be done for this part. Plastic need heat to be softened. You need to put on the discount eyewear first to see which part is too tight or too loose, which part the angel is not enough, and heat that part, and bend it or twist it t the comfortable position for you. Some recommend hair dyer as the heat source, but I think it is not hot enough to soften the plastic frame. Please try oven! Put the part over the oven but keep the frame parts away from visible fire in a distance that the parts can receive enough heat to become gradually soften. Test the pliability on the way you out the part over the oven, till it is soft and ca be adjusted.

How to adjust and avoid the crooked plastic frames?

December 4th, 2009

Plastic frames occupy a large portion of all the eyeglass frames. Plastic frames, especially those bold and thick one, are highly popular among girls and women. Plastic eyeglass frames are also the options for teenagers. As plastic frames are normally thicker than metal eyeglass frames, they are particularly good for fitting those thick-edge strong prescription lenses. Plastic frames are also lightweight and corrosion-free.

Plastic frames, after being worn for some time, may get crooked and warped, causing the optical center of lenses unmatched with that of the eyes. This may trigger eye strain and headache. This is when these plastic frames need to be adjusted.

Adjusting the plastic eyeglass frames is not as easy as metal frames. The best way to adjust the plastic frames is to send the eyeglass frames to your optician who has the professional outfits such as sand or fine glass beads heated container to “sand bathe” and then soften the plastic frames to be bended for adjustments.

If you want to adjust the plastic frames at home, some people suggest use hair drier to heat the eyeglass frames, or use hot but not-boiling water to soak the plastic eyeglass frames for some 10 minutes, and then slightly and slowly bend the softened temples to the positions you intend to and hold till getting cooled. Please note that some material of plastic frames could not be softened using above home heat. In case you will use other heat sources such as oven, you need to be cautious of overheat which may ruin the plastic eyeglass frames, and of getting burned though the plastic eyeglass frames are not so easily ignited.

One case that no heat is needed to adjust the plastic eyeglass frames is to adjust the hinge part, when the two temples are warped with one temple being higher than the other. You can simply grasp the temple and apply strength to bend it either up or down depending on the situation.

A good habit of putting on and removing the plastic frames eyeglasses by holding the two temples using two hands evenly can reduce the warp and crook of the plastic frames.

How to adjust metal discount glasses bought online?

October 28th, 2009

Surfing around the internet, you will find the best way to buy discount glasses is through online retailers. There are many advantages of online purchase of discounted eyeglasses, but one disadvantage is very apparent, which is that you need to adjust the frame if it doesn’t fit or easily fall off the nose.

When this happens, the best way is to ask for local optician’s help. But as your discount glasses are not sold there, optician has the right not to help you. Therefore you need to learn how to adjust your discount glasses by yourself.

If you have bought metal discount glasses, then you are lucky. Metal frames are the most bendable, and not so easy to break. Basically you can adjust four parts, which are the nose bridge, the nose pads, the temples arms and the ear hooks on the temples. For the nose bridge and the temple arms, you may use hand force to bend or twist these parts gently and carefully without any tools, and stop when you feel comfortable after putting on your face. For the nose pads, some of them can be adjusted by hand, while others can only be done by pliers. Remember to wrap the tips of the pliers with rubber and layers of cloth, so it won’t damage the surface of the metal. Please note the nose pads are joined to the rims with a very fine metal wire, this is very easy to break. The ear hooks are normally wrapped by plastic cover, so you need to heat this part before adjusting its angle. Some people recommend to use oven as the heat source by keeping some distance from the visible fire (not too faraway and not to close). But keep in mind not to overheat, and you need to test the pliability of the ear hook the way you go. This part needs to be done with caution.

Discount glasses are really cheap, but before your discount glasses can work for you, you need to do some work.