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Channels to purchase Acuvue contacts

March 24th, 2010

It is known that Acuvue contact is one of the best products in soft lenses family. Based on the huge distribution of Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue contacts have made their presence almost everywhere all over the world. It is said that products produced by Johnson & Johnson can be bought by consumers over 175 countries now, so are Acuvue contacts. Some consumers may wonder through which ways they can buy Acuvue contacts. In fact, Acuvue contact can be bought in various ways. Some main channels are to be presented subsequently.

Acuvue contact can be purchased in some retail stores. In most retail stores, Acuvue contacts have been sold similar to retailing goods, for such way can attract some regular consumers in passing. This can provide lots of convenience for many people.

Acuvue contact can be bought in Acuvue stores. For the powerful strength of Johnson & Johnson, all Acuvue stores are equipped with all-round services. Some individual eye examinations will be taken if one decides to prescribe Acuvue contact. These top opticians will suggest consumers the dos and don’ts in wearing Acuvue contacts. Some specific guidance will also be presented on the maintenance of Acuvue contact.

Acuvue contact can be got online. For the rapid development of internet technologies, Acuvue contacts are being sold online by many dealers. Consumers can choose almost every series of Acuvue contacts by seeing their pictures and reading their related information. The advantage of online sale is that consumers in each corner of the world can enjoy the same services. Sometimes, consumers can enjoy discount in buying Acuvue contacts. Especially, consumers are welcomed to give any sort of feedbacks and suggestions on the quality of Acuvue contact and the service of these companies.

Generally, any of the above mentioned channels can help consumers get Acuvue contact as they hope, though there are some differences in arrival time.

Consumers’ feedbacks on Acuvue contact lenses

March 15th, 2010

Acuvue is one of the oldest members in the soft contact family. The year 1986 is very important for Acuvue; for it is the year that Acuvue lenses came into being. Later, Acuvue has become one of the best selling products of Johnson & Johnson Company. For its guaranteed quality, consumers are very adoring for Acuve lenses. Following are some feedbacks from consumers of Acuve lenses.

Some people think Acuvue can always make their eyes comfortable. Some people have worn other contacts for many years, and they do not want to try on any sort of soft contacts. However, when they find Acuvue, they have changed their minds. Some of them even do not want to wear their original lenses. It will never cause any itch or redness to insert Acuvue onto the eyes. So they can enjoy the great comfort of wearing Acuvue lenses.

Some people say they love to wear Acuvue moist. Because for those who suffered from dryness, Acuvue moist is an ideal bet. Generally, people can seldom find a lens that works with their eyes. For the sake of eye structure, eyes are prone to be dry. However, these regular wearers of Acuvue moist find that they can wear these lenses day and night without removing them at night. When they open their eyes in the morning, they can look at things around very clearly with sufficient moisture.

Some people with very serious presbyopia are very arduous for Acuvue bifocal. Some of them say they could not find any contacts that can really solve the vision problems caused by presbyopia. And it is a great surprise for them to find Acuvue bifocal, which has completely solved these problems. Now, with Acuvue bifocal, they can see things both far or near, up or down, very clearly.

In the minds of consumers, Acuvue lenses are their regretless alternatives forever.

Why not choose Acuvue advance for astigmatism?

February 24th, 2010

Acuvue advance for astigmatism is one of the latest products of Vistakon that can be used for astigmatism correction. However, some people may get confused by the fact that, in addition to Acuvue advance for astigmatism, Vistakon also produce Acuvue toric, which is also used for people with astigmatism. Some people even think Acuvue advance for astigmatism is just another name of Acuvue toric. In fact, it is not true. Acuvue advance for astigmatism is a much younger product than toric, which has been gradually replaced by the former one. Generally, Acuvue advance for astigmatism can provide eyes with more moisture and oxygen that can make people felt much comfortable.

Advance Acuvue can assure the best visual clarity. Besides the correction on astigmatism, advance Acuvue can still provide a much clearer visual enjoyment. That means advance Acuvue can not only solve the visual problems caused by astigmatism, but also make it practicable to see objects around clearly. All these are due to the latest technologies employed in the manufacturing of advance Acuvue.

As all Acuvue lenses can block UV ray, so Acuvue advance astigmatism can also filter out sorts of harmful rays. The Acuvue advance astigmatism can block almost 85% of UVA rays and 97% of UVB rays. This is a great progress than ordinary lenses. However, as the Vistakon holds, it is not suggested to expose oneself in the sun, even with Acuvue advance astigmatism, for such lens is not the same as sunglasses or goggles.

Similar to the organic functions of eyes, Acuvue advance astigmatism can coordinate with the change of environment. It is common for people with lenses work or stay in changeable environment. However, many lenses may get deformed or lost in their functions. On the contrary, Acuvue advance astigmatism can adjust itself with such change. Hence, wearers can never feel any sort of discomfort for the reason of volatile environment with Acuvue advance astigmatism. With such merits, Acuvue advance astigmatism is a nice bet for any people with astigmatism.