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Some facts of Acuvue color contacts

October 20th, 2009

As the color lenses of Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue colors have exhibited all sorts of glamour to the public. Even in the field of color contacts, Acuvue color contacts are very outstanding. Some features of Acuvue color contacts are to be presented in the following paragraphs.

People with eye infection are not suggested to wear Acuvue colors. This is because before such infections are cured, Acuvue color contacts and other lenses may make such symptom even worse.
Acuvue colors are suitable for eyes with different colors. For example, whether one has light eyes or dark eyes, he can choose the most ideal color for his eyes or any colors if he likes.

The contact lenses produced by Johnson & Johnson are one-day wear to two-week wear, and Acuvue colors are just in between. It is true that Acuvue color contacts can be worn for a continuous week or 14 days. During this period, it is no need for wearers to worry about any problems that might be caused by Acuvue color contacts.

Like all contacts produced by Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue colors are convenient to handle. This is owing to the fact that these contacts are tinted for visibility and easily handling. However, such tint will not change the original color of Acuvue color contacts.

As all contact products of Johnson & Johnson can be divided into vision correction lenses and non-vision correction lenses, Acuvue color contacts have also such two categories. That means Acuvue colors can be used by people with or without vision problems. As for vision correction, Acuvue colors can help wearers not only to enhance their vision ability, but also to perform as decoration. Of course, as for non-vision correction, Acuvue colors are mainly for cosmetic effects. Above all, Acuvue colors are suitable for all people with health eyes.