Some examples of novelty eyeglasses

July 14th, 2010 by Randa Nahl Leave a reply »

Regular prescription eyeglasses in the market are generally for vision aid. And sunwear products are mainly supposed to offer eye protection in sunlight. Within the eyeglass and sunglass industries, there are continual innovations in terms of frame shape, color, material and any aspects associated with the lenses. Some of them are resulted from functional considerations and some others are just for charm enhancement. One thing is for sure that eyewear designers never stop their efforts to make further creation. And another dimension in the eyewear industry is that many products are used exclusively as accessories. For instance, a large number of people now wear slightly tinted eyeglasses for better facial appearance on a regular basis. Some others use specialty eyeglasses and sunglasses during parties and festivals like Halloween. Now, the eyewear market is able to satisfy curious users with novelty eyeglasses, which come in unusual styles.

Novelty means the quality of being new, different and interesting. And novelty eyewear generally refers to eyeglasses and sunglasses that appear in particular styles. They are not popularly found. However, this is a broad concept that any pair with an interesting and intriguing look can be given this name. Some special forms of regular prescription eyeglasses can be referred to novelty eyeglasses. Examples like yellow and pink plastic novelty glasses, slant eyed novelty glasses, eyelash novelty glasses and novelty round glasses. Within prescription eyewear world, novelty spectacles cover all models that use novelty, unusual shapes, colors or materials.

Beyond that, novelty eyeglasses more commonly refer to eyewear products that are made of special materials and they are not for vision correction. For instance, there are currently available liquid crystal eyeglasses for the blind, which can show different expressions in their eyes with the help of these novelty spectacles. Another example is paper-made eyeglasses, which use paper to make the frames. In addition, some liquid eyeglasses are changeable in terms of lens color. Most of these products are exclusively used for party and festival entertainment.


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