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An Introduction of Fendi Eyeglasses

May 3rd, 2010

Fashion-conscious people know exactly that a pair of good glasses always adds beauty to face and make you get noticed wherever you go. Wearing a pair of Fendi eyeglasses is a sure way to help you make of it.

Fendi eyeglasses are a famous Italian brand. Like its legendary line of sunglasses, Fendi eyeglasses offer frames and lenses of high quality and chic designs. Fendi eyeglasses provide prescription and non-prescription glasses with various shapes and colors. Besides, Fendi glasses cater both women and men of all ages who are bold and want to show their innovative expressions.

Fendi eyeglasses for women have dramatic characteristics and detailed logos, creating feminine edge and sensuality. Fendi glasses for men absorb the fashion opulence of women’s glasses, and they are especially designed for modern guys for these glasses are wearable, sleek and stylish.

As Fendi glasses are a symbol of glamour, elegance and luxury, Fendi glasses are loved by a large number of celebrities. Model Elisabeth Gregoraci, actress Eva Longoria, and singer Fergie all show their love of Fendi eyeglasses. Thus, wearing a pair of Fendi glasses or just making the trademark of Fendi seen will earn head turns.

Whoever you are, no matter how old you are, you are able to choose a pair of Fendi eyeglasses with a prominent trademark, an optimal quality and an attracting appearance. Furthermore, Fendi glasses will never be old-fashioned, so you can manage to wear them for a lifelong time.

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Luxottica Retail —- The North America’s biggest eyeglasses and sunglasses retail brand

March 28th, 2010

Luxottica Retail is the collective name for a couple of famous eyewear retail names throughout North America and other countries, which includes the eyewear retail companies acquired by Luxottica Retail in the recent two decades, Here are some brief introduction of each.


In 1995, Luxottica Retail bought LensCrafters, then the biggest chain stores in US, owns 880 stores across USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. LensCrafters’s belief is that designer eyeglasses can ultimately change the people’s look and LensCrafters is ready to offer perfect models for everyone.

Pearle Vision

In 2004, Luxotica purchased Pearle Vision, which was at that time the second largest eyewear retailer in north America, owning 370 own-invested stores and 470 franchised stores. Its slogan is ‘No one cares for your eyes more than Pearle”. Originally founded by Dr. Stanley Pearle in 1958, Pearle Vision once was the largest retailer in USA before 1994.

Sunglass Hut

In 2001, Luxottica Retail acquired Sunglass Hut, which was the North America’s No. 1 sunwear retailer chain, with 1600 stores presently across USA, Canada and Caribbean nations, Sunglass Hut is the glaring pioneer of fashion and beauty.

Besides above Luxotica retail members, Luxottica eyewear sector also includes the Sears Optical, Target Optical, EyeMed Vision Care etc throughout North America. No one can beat Luxottica eyewear in the area.

High quality Von Zipper eyewear

March 27th, 2010

Von Zipper eyewear produces top of the line glasses for an elite team of professionals in the skate, motor, snow, surf and wake board industries. Certainly, Von Zipper glasses are also available for ordinary individuals now. Von Zipper eyewear includes Von Zipper sunglasses and Von Zipper goggles. Until now, Von Zipper glasses have been proudly worn by Andy Irons, Joel Parkinson, Josh Kerr, Donavon, and Kolohe Andino among others. Many of the styles of Von Zipper eyewear are particularly for these athletes and celebrities. For the average people, Von Zipper’s extensive and stylish line of products can always meets their needs.

Every Von Zipper eyewear is constructed with the highest quality optical materials. And all Von Zipper glasses are under stringent quality control to ensure customers’ quality requirement. For any products defect, Von Zipper eyewear offers a lifelong warranty. Should your Von Zipper glasses have a problem, it can be resolved in three steps: filling an online form, packing and shipping glasses. After that, Von Zipper service team will contact you if they have received your goods and let you know the status of your claim.

Von Zipper eyewear provides two kinds of goggles: snow Von Zipper goggles and MX goggles. Among the three available websites, US Von Zipper offers most models of Von Zipper goggles. The seven models are Bushwick, Feenom, Sizzle, Chakra, Dojo, Porkchop and Trike. The EU Von Zipper has the first five models while AU Von Zipper only has the first three. Most of these Von Zipper goggles features forward venting, helmet compatible, triple density contoured face foam and wide peripheral vision. Von Zipper eyewear also manufactures snow accessories and replacement lenses in goggles.

How to buy Discount Oakley

March 22nd, 2010

One might be in search of Discount Oakley sunglasses. However, not all people are so lucky to find them when they are eagerly looking for a Discount Oakley store. Oakley is a top brand of sunglasses around the world, and many celebrities wear Oakley sunglasses. This leads many young people to think they should also have one. But not all of them can afford such high expense. So they are hoping to get Discount Oakley. One reason is Oakley is a high-end brand, so people can seldom find Discount Oakley. Another is the lack of information. Sometimes, some few retailers do sell Discount Oakley, but only a few people know it.

In order to help people find Discount Oakley, some occasions will be presented. As it has been mentioned, Oakley is a high-end brand, and Discount Oakley is not a good choice for many retailers. The reason is Discount Oakley may affect the Oakley brand, and this will cause the termination of cooperation with manufactures. Of course, costumers can buy discount Oakley .One of the occasions is clearance sale. When it comes to the end of a fashion season, the retailers have to vacate some space for other fashionable products. Then people can buy Discount Oakley sunglasses. Another is the bankruptcy of retailers. Then to recover cost, Discount Oakley is possible to get. But this is very rare.

Different from traditional retailing, the online shops make to buy Discount Oakley possible. Because the online retailers need much less cost than tradition ones. And they also enjoy a large market, which can be spread every corner of the world. All these ensure that to sell Discount Oakley is a good business model.

Generally speaking, a pair of Discount Oakley sunglasses means not to be low-quality. On the contrary, its value is the same as non-bargaining products. The reason is online retailers have balanced the interests between consumers and suppliers. Thus online Discount Oakley is not only possible, but of high-quality.

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Pearle vision— North America’s leading eye care retailer.

March 18th, 2010

Pearle Vision Inc was founded by Dr. Stanley Pearle in 1958. Pearle Vision had been kept in the position as world’s largest optical stores till 1994 when Pearle Vision lost its status to LensCrafter. By today Pearle Vision has about 850 stores across USA, Canada and Puerto Rico, and together with LensCrafter, Pearle Vision is also held by Italian optical giant Luxottica Retail.

The founder of Pearle Vision Dr. Stanley Pearle was born in 1918. He graduated from optometry school in Chicago in 1940. He served in US navy for a couple of years before he joined Lee Optical in 1948. Ten years later, he started his own store. His store was profitable with his unique concept of creating modern-looking optical stores combining top-quality products and services, good prices, more choices of styles, convenient locations and flexible business hours. He also pioneered the first one-stop eye care service in American optical history, enabling the customers to have their eye examined, get the prescription, select the frames and lenses, and pick up in a few days. For quicker expansion, Pearle Vision began franchising its stores in 1981. In 1985, Pearle Vision was purchased by a UK company Grand Metropolitan in the hope of its business diversification. In 2004, Pearle Vision was merged by Luxottica.

Pearle Vision experienced its major development and expansion through 1960s to 1990s. Now as the demand from the ageing baby boomer who are willing to pay higher prices for the designer eyeglasses slips, Pearle Vision is going to face fierce competition from other discount chains and much cheaper online stores in the world.

America’s Best—Company of best Service

March 9th, 2010

America’s Best is a very special company, which devotes to change the way Americans buy glasses. Hence, consumers can always find that products provided there, as American glasses, American sunglasses and Best contact lenses, are really different from other companies’. America’s Best provides not only special eye exam, but glasses as well. Accompanied with its services, “2 pairs for $59/$69” is very attractive for many people. That means two pairs of American glasses can be obtained at such a low price.

The credo of America’s Best is reflected in three aspects, namely, eye care, eye wear and low price everyday. And its glasses are mainly categorized into American glasses, American sunglasses and Best contact lenses.

Suppose one decides to buy a pair of American glasses, he will be suggested to do some sort of individualized eye exam first. Of course, the American glasses provided by the opticians will be the most suitable for him. Moreover, the price of American glasses is the lowest on the market.

To make sure that more people can receive the services of America’s best, a huge sale network has been launched. For instance, if one wants to buy American sunglasses, he has various ways. He can obtain American sunglasses from online stores or by calling the toll-free number of the company. Doubtless, American sunglasses can also be obtained from the local stores.

The Best contact lenses are the key products of America’s Best. The company holds that they endeavor to make all consumers of Best contact lenses enjoy the lowest price with the highest quality. Furthermore, if consumers are the members of eye club, they can enjoy greater discount when buying Best contact lenses. For some consumers who can not find the local stores to buy Best contact lenses, America’s best provides the services of locating the nearest stores.

Accordingly, America’s best has lots of brands in their glasses; viz. consumers can enjoy the benefit of multiple choices.

Measures taken by Oakley on Oakley sale

February 28th, 2010

Generally, Oakley is such a famous brand, that Oakley sale is not a very difficult matter. As for many dealers, the profits from Oakley sale are much more profitable that many other ones. In order to prompt the success of Oakley sale, Oakley Company has launched a very powerful network for retailing. It is now that the business of Oakley sale has been expanded to over 100 countries. And over 25,000 retailing stores have been founded for the business of Oakley sale. All have greatly assured the success of this business.

There are, however, many other channels for Oakley sale. Such as, many retailers have built some online stores, by which the business of Oakley sale has been effectively prompted. By online stores, consumers can choose any Oakley for sale at their homes without visiting a specific store. Accordingly, the products in online stores are very rich, and this has provided great convenience for those who are searching Oakley for sale.

However, in the process of prompting the Oakley sale, many matters that can make Oakley Company feel headache constantly occur. That is the fake Oakley for sale.

For the sake of satisfying the needs of people with low income, some dealers have put fake Oakley for sale on their shelves. This has influenced the normal Oakley sale. The reason mainly lies in the fact that Oakley is very outstanding in its styles and designs. Many people do not care about its functions but its appearances. Hence, fake Oakley for sale is very welcomed. Of course, these phenomena occur on dealers of small stores.

To solve such problems, Oakley Company has taken very effective measures to guard its reputation on Oakley. Such as, to closely cooperate with the dealers and ascertain all consumers can enjoy the convenience and benefits in choosing Oakley sunglasses

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Why do people love Revo sunglasses?

February 27th, 2010

Born in Italy, Revo sunglasses are now famous all over the world. People in almost every country can purchase Revo sunglasses, because of their international distribution systems.

Employed the latest technologies used by NASA, Revo sunglasses are totally different with other like products. Wearers of Revo sunglasses can feel endless comfort with them. Besides, the lenses of Revo sunglasses are very durable—they can resist very strong external forces. And they can be used for a surprisingly long time. Seldom will wearers find that these sunglasses easily scraped. Hence, almost all regular wearers of Revo sunglasses have special love for them.

There are Revo sunglasses of different colors and types at the market. In order to meet the needs of different consumers, the designers have taken the colors into considerations. So consumers can find their ideal Revo sunglasses in their beloved colors. As for the materials, there are several materials used to produce the frame of Revo sunglasses. People can mainly find there are Revo flex, metal, Nylon and Acetate, etc at the market. Revo sunglasses of these types have their own advantages respectively.

Generally speaking, Revo sunglasses have polarized and non-polarized types. However, the Revo polarized sunglasses are most famous. Revo polarized sunglasses can protect people’s eyes. First, all the Revo polarized sunglasses are UV-resisted. Second, all the Revo polarized sunglasses can protect eyes from being hurt by glares, for the lenses of these sunglasses have 6 layers, which can filter out all reflective glares. Third, Revo polarized sunglasses can help people see objects clearly. All these sunglasses can filter out blue light, which can always distort people’s vision.

Because of these above mentioned merits, many professional people have always worn Revo sunglasses, and these sunglasses have become important parts of their lives.

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Ray Ban2132—your unregretful choice

February 27th, 2010

Ray Ban 2132, the abbreviation of RB2132 New Wayfarer sunglasses, is now one of the best-selling sunglass in Wayfarer family. In fact, Ray Ban 2132 is the smallest member in its family. It is the youngest member, too. But now many people consider Ray Ban 2132 as classic for its appealing style and glamour.

Ray Ban 2132 is typically retro-styled. The story has that since 1952 Wayfarer has break away from traditional metal frame and glass lenses. And this style has lasted for many years. However, it is noticeable that Ray Ban 2132 has metal frame and glass lenses. The retro style of Ray Ban 2132 has brought people back to the ear of 60 years ago.

Though Ray Ban 2132 is made from metal and glass lenses, it is lightweight and durable. The frame of Ray Ban 2132 is made of Titanium alloy, used in aviation, which is light and extremely hard. The lenses of Ray Ban 2132 are very thin, but anti-explosive.

Ray Ban 2132 can always present its wearers unexpected surprise. This sunglass also means to be cool. Wearers with Ray Ban 2132 can always find they are very cool in others’ eyes. Moreover, it also means to be timeless. People with Ray Ban 2132 will find that they are forever in the fashion front. These characteristics of this sunglass can even satisfy the most nit-picking people. So Ray Ban21d32 enjoys a high popularity among the people.

Another element can be found in Ray Ban 2132 is unisex. It fits for both man and women. Ray Ban 2132 can be worn by any people without concerning whether they are men or women.

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The brief introduction of Americas Best Contacts

February 25th, 2010

Americas Best Contacts ( is the country’s fifth largest online contact lenses retailer of America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses, Inc.,

In compliance with the company’s long-time strategy of low-price and superior quality, Americas Best Contacts offers its customers with wide variety of best contact lenses including Bausch & Lomb, CIBA Vision, Johnson & Johnson and a lot of others, at the low prices.

Americas Best Contacts offers free eye exams twice a year within the life of your membership of Eye Care Club. Americas Best Contacts also accepts contacts prescriptions from other doctors, but need to be verified before agreeing to sell best contact lenses to customers. As Americas Best Contacts has both brick and mortar stores and online shop, the prescription and fitting of best contact lenses is easier that those pure online stores.

With Americas Best Contacts, you may arrange an auto shipping schedule, so that Americas Best Contacts cab charge your credit card and ship you the best contact lenses periodically, freeing you from any email, phone call or clicking on the web pages.

In Americas Best Contacts customers can enjoy free shipping on all the auto-ship orders, on any order over$50, and on orders of four-boxes of best contact lenses. The return policy of Best Contact Lenses protects the benefits of customers, but due to the specialty of best contact lenses, lenses may only be returned and refunded less shipping and handling charges within 30 days of the shipment in unopened status. There is no refund or return for the colored of the Best Contact Lenses. Customers may also return to the Americas Best Contacts locations.

Americas Best Contacts is striving to strengthen its position to sell contacts online as the leading internet retailer in the future.