Reduce puffy eyes under different situations

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Q: What is the best way to treat puffy eyes in the morning?
I have been getting really puffy eyes in the morning and I do not wanna wake up with puffy eyes in the morning, so what can i do to cure puffy eyes in the morning?

A: There are many reasons which can cause puffy eyes, but the main reasons are subcutaneous fat, poor eating habits and nephropathy. Some beauticians suggest that use the cotton with frozen milk and astringent to cover your eyes, after five to ten minutes, your puffy eye can be relieved. If your puffy eyes are very serious, you can take half of a diuretic pill to help drain excess water in the body, but you should consult a doctor to avoid danger. The ultimate solution is not to drain too much water before you go to bed, or you can sleep in a higher pillow to reduce the chance of having puffy eyes. If you want to eliminate the puffy eyelids in the morning, you can put sterile gauze moistened with cold milk in the two orbital parts, the puffy situation can be disappeared after several minutes. Learn more answers.

Q: What is the best home remedy for puffy eyes from crying?
Yesterday, i cried a lot and my eyes are really puffy right now. What can I do to calm a puffy eye by myself at home?

A: There are some easy ways for puffy eyes. The first one is to use tea bags. Just put 2 tea bags in hot water for 4 to 6 minutes and then place them on your closed eyelids before they cool slightly. Remove the tea bags after several minutes. The second way is to cool the skin with cucumber. Put cool cucumber slices on your puffy eyes for 5 to 7 minutes or until swelling is reduced. Egg whites are another option to consider when suffering from puffy eyes. Apply whipped egg whites directly to the swollen areas below the eye and allow drying for several minutes prior to rinsing. You may also cover the puffy eyes by way of make-up. Learn more answers.

Q: What are good vitamin supplements for puffy eyes?
I got puffy eyes because of staying up in recent days. So, can you tell me what the good vitamin supplements for puffy eyes are? Can you tell me how to treat it?

A: Well, puffy eyes can result from illness, hormone fluctuations, allergies, and, exhaustion. And when it occurs, your eyes will be itchy, red, and swollen to the point of discomfort. And also, for some people, puffy or baggy eyes are a hereditary trait. To treat it, you can try some vitamin supplements. For example, vitamin e is a powerful antioxidant that can help treat eye puffiness when it results from irritation. And it also helps treat fine lines on your skin and it is available as a gel cream or in capsule form. Besides, Vitamin A can help to repair damage to deep skin tissue that may cause eye puffiness due to inflammation. So just have a try. Learn more answers.


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