Reading Sunglasses—-The Perfect Combination

July 28th, 2010 by Scott Mozayeni Leave a reply »

Have you ever bothered to be away from sunglasses for fashion because of nearsightedness? Have you ever felt annoyed about not seeing clearly when wearing a pair of sunglasses? Now, reading sunglasses are right here to solve all those problems. As the name suggest, reading sunglasses are a perfect combination of reading glasses and sunglasses.

Reading sun glasses apply a kind of special optical feature, which offers the same refractive capability to make reading comfortable and are also colored or tinted to protect eyes from intense light and UV. Of course there are ways for regular glasses to function the same with reading sunglasses, for example, using clips on shades over reading glasses, but they really look not so cool and instead they appear cumbersome while reading sunglasses is another thing. A variety of styles, from exquisite small-frame to over-sized shades, are available.

Therefore, we may conclude that reading sun glasses, a truly fusion of fashion and function, should be the best choice for those who are in requirement of both near vision and eye protection. With reading sunglasses, you can lying on the beach while reading a book, enjoy a beautiful day with sea breezing; with reading sunglasses, you can sit in the park with friends playing cards; with reading sunglasses, you don’t have to take another set of near vision reading glasses at any time. Just a pair of reading sun glasses can save you so much trouble. Isn’t it fantastic?

If there is something needing reminding, that should be picking the brown ones for best choices, for brown reading sun glasses can best perform to keep eyes from extra light with the least distortion.


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