Progressive Sunglasses and Their Merits

March 25th, 2010 by Randa Nahl Leave a reply »

Glasses are some of the most common devices for vision correction in our daily lives. And many innovations are made in them since their emergence several hundreds years ago. Usually, the glasses worn by more people are single vision, but there are also varifocal glasses. Then some people may ask- what are varifocal glasses? In fact, the answer is very simple. Compared to ordinary glasses, varifocal glasses have more than two focal. For example, bifocals, trifocals and progressive glasses are very typical cases. However, there are also varifocal glasses that are not only for vision correction, but also used as accessories and for eye protection. Varifocal sunglasses are just some of the best representatives. These sunglasses are very popular among fashion-oriented people. However, just because there are too many alternatives in the industry, most of them will become confused about which ones are to buy.

According to the feedbacks from wearers of all age group, progressive sunglasses are just some of the most outstanding series in multi focal sunglasses. Compared to other series, those sunglasses have several unique features.

As their names suggest, those sunglasses are varifocal, but much better than ordinary ones. Wearers will find that there are no evident division lines in the lenses, though with multi vision areas. The vision transition among those areas is very natural, and wearers seldom suffer from dizziness or other problems caused by radical vision changes. This is much advanced than other multi-focal glasses. Moreover, those sunglasses can nicely protect eyes and skins around them with a relatively larger size. Still, they can filter out all harmful rays and radiations in the sunlight when people go outdoors. Generally, those sunglasses are always designed keeping up with the latest fashion in the industry. And many young people and other fashion lovers like to wear.

What’s more, there are also some other derived members in progressive sunglasses. And all those changes and innovations are based on consumers’ needs. For example, if some wearers require highly on the effects of reading, they can buy progressive sunglasses reader. Such product is particularly made for them. It can help filter out glares, unessential lights, etc. completely, providing great vision clarity. Of course, there are also many other related derived products that can help people who have different demands.

All in all, those sunglasses are really unique and special for all people who love to go outdoors.


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