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Incredibly Cool Prescription Sunglasses

May 10th, 2010

Years ago when you went to the beach, you had to prepare two pairs of eyeglasses: one is prescription eyeglasses, the other sunglasses, however, with years’ advancement, there has emerged a new kind of eyeglasses which would eliminate eyeglass wearers’ trouble to take two pair of glasses when they go out in a sunny day. That is prescription sunglass, a kind of eyewear which bring both clear vision and protection. Isn’t it cool? Nevertheless, recently a kind of cooler prescription sunglasses emerges. They not only provide functions prescription sunglasses possess, but also are equipped with functions to take pictures and play songs.

You must ask how could they achieve to take photos and play songs. As a matter of fact, a mini camera with 1.3 megapixels and mp3 with 1 GB storage are built in each eyeglass leg. Buying a pair of such eyeglasses, you could get a pair of built in earphones, a remote controller used to take shots and play songs, a rechargeable lithium cell (3.7V, 240mAh) and some other accessories, such as USB data wire, cleaning cloth and so on so forth.

With a pair of this incredibly cool prescription sunglasses, you could take pictures anytime and anywhere without taking a camera. They are especially usefully when the wearers want to engage in some sport activities, such as skating, mountain biking and some other maximal exercises, because they could always take the most exciting moments. The tiny remote controller can be placed on the ski pole and handlebars, etc., which indicates that it will not constitute an obstruction when you engage in activities. As for James Bond, they could be an ideal spy camera which is equipped with entertainment of playing songs. In addition, the built in earphones will not fall over when you stop to play the MP3. It is so cool.

Prescription sunglasses with camera and MP3 built are ideal choices for both eyeglass wears and even contact lens wears, because not everyone wants to wear contact lenses all the time and these glasses can give your eyes a much needed rest, not to mention the additional functions. They can be also perfect gifts, because they are unique and creative, and those who receive them will certainly be out of joy.

Incredibly cool prescription sunglasses are worthy you to buy, and if you purchase on the Internet, you would get a big discount, which could save you a lot of money. is a recommended on-line optical store, where you could get cheap but high quality eyeglasses and good services.

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Profile on Prescription Polarized Sunglasses of Different Colors

May 9th, 2010

With weather getting warm, plans for vocation in early spring should be placed on agenda. Then a pair of polarized sunglasses must be a necessary accessory, and if you have myopia or hyperopia, prescription polarized sunglasses of different colors are strongly recommended.

The so called prescription polarized sunglass is a great combination of prescription glass, polarized glass and sunglass, which can be easily observed from the name. It indicates that, wearing prescription polarized sunglasses, without contact lenses, you could get a clear vision and at the same time keep your eyes from both harmful sun rays and reflections from water and mirror, etc.. Isn’t is a good way to kill more two birds with one stone?

Then, when choosing prescription polarized sunglasses by color, you must feel dizzy, for there are really a great many kinds of colors. Which kind should you choose?

The first principle people notice when choosing the color of sunglasses should probably be whether it matches with their skin colors or not. However, apart from this principle, for the goodness to your eyes, you should choose the color of sunglasses according to the function each has.

As for the color depths, they can be divided into that of 15%, 34%, 50% and 70%. The darker the lenses are, the more visible light will be absorbed, but the color depths are irrelevant to the capacity to block ultraviolet radiation, which is merely related to materials of the lenses.

The functions vary from one color to another. Gray lenses can absorb any kind of color spectrum, therefore, no aberration will be produced. Vision for gray sunglass wearers will merely get darker. Coffee lenses are able to eliminate a great many of blue light which could improve the sharpness of vision, so sunglasses with coffee lenses are suitable to be worn in environment where air pollution is severe. Green lenses, similar to gray lenses, are capable to increase the green light reaching to eyes, which would bring cool feeling to the wearers. Yellow lenses are also called night vision lenses. They are hardly able to increase visible light, but instead improve contrast ratio. Thus sunglasses with yellow lenses are strictly not included in sunglasses. They are more preferred to be referred as night vision glasses.

Then, with the above knowledge, facing prescription polarized sunglasses of different colors, you could choose the right color and depths of that suitable to your lives most. Just have a try.

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Do You Know How to Choose Prescription Sunglasses for Small Face People

May 9th, 2010

Prescription sunglasses have become more and more popular in today’s society. They can not only give the wearers a clear vision but also lend them great charm. However, do you know how to choose prescription sunglasses for small faces and how to choose suitable prescription sunglasses to make faces small? Here below are some simple tips concerned.

For the former question that how to choose prescription sunglasses for small face people, the answer is to choose small framed spectacles, for small face people who wear large framed eyeglasses would make their faces smaller, plus they are suggested to choose rectangular specs which would make their faces look wider. As for the color, it should be chosen according to their skin color. If you are white enough, you could choose bright color sunglasses. Those bright colors are supposed to set your skin color off to advantages. Of course dark colors are suitable as well, such as golden brown, light brown and black, etc., which would enable your skin color writer. If your skin color is dark, you’d better choose those conservative color sunglasses, such as brown, black and the similar, because bright color frame sunglasses are inclined to enhance your skin color.

For the latter question how to choose prescription sunglasses that could make faces small, the best answer should be over-large frame sunglasses. No matter you are oval faces, square faces, or round faces, over large frame sunglasses, by obvious comparison, would enable your faces look much smaller. Oval face people are suitable to wear those prescription sunglasses whose frames are comparatively wide, which would make your faces shorter. If you wearing V-shape dress and adorning with long earrings, obvious results will be achieved. Square face people are advised to wear large round frame sunglasses which would soften the hard line of the facial form, moreover, if you put up your hair, your face would appear salvatore. Round face people, on the contrary are not recommended to wear round frame sunglasses, instead square or rectangle frame sunglasses would more effectively make faces smaller. If wearing long necklace and V shape dresses, you would observe more obvious result.

The two parts of the above issue have answered the two respective questions. You could follow one of those tips according to your desire how you want to make your faces like. As long as you make proper matches, your requirements for small face would no longer be a problem that was hard to solve.

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An Introduction about Oracle Prescription Sunglasses

April 22nd, 2010

There are countless glasses manufacturers all over the world; even if judged from location or country, there are still many. For example, oracle eye center is just one of the most famous eyewear manufacturers in the world, which mainly produces glasses for sports use. Of which, oracle Prescription sunglasses are typical and very popular among wearers of all countries. Why can those unique sunglasses have won the heart of so many wearers though their HQ is located in UK? Firstly, those sunglasses are really ideal alternatives for sports use and many regular users often recommend them to their friends. Secondly, all wearers can get oracle prescription sunglasses via the online website, no matter where they are. Any way, those sports sunglasses are really very prominent among all like products. Here is some detailed information about them.

There are Oracle prescription sunglasses of various styles and designs. Sunglasses are now no longer just used for professional purposes, but also for recreation. Therefore, multiple designs and styles are some of the greatest demands from consumers and sales points for manufacturers. And the results are consumers can get oracle prescription sunglasses of countless styles. This has also greatly enhanced their attractiveness.

There are certain oracle prescription sunglasses that can be used in particular sports activities. Each of those sunglasses is professionally designed for the according sports. Usually, there are Oracle prescription sunglasses for basketball, climbing, diving, fishing, and so forth. Those sunglasses will not only protect wearers’ eyes from being damaged by harmful rays and radiations outdoors, but also can ensure much better performance. Take the sunglasses for fishing as an example. People have to face great UV rays and glares while fishing, this is because waters in the rivers or pool may reflect sun lights. Without any protective measures, they may have their eyes terribly injured. Nor can they do well in the activities, for they can not see clearly of the buoys that are disturbed by glares. By contrast, with Oracle prescription sunglasses, such problems and worries can be avoided. Not only will they prevent wearers’ eyes being damaged, they will also make sure wearers can see through the glares and see the buoys very clearly.

Of course, as their name show, Oracle prescription sunglasses should be prescribed. This is the basic requirements for any prescription sunglasses. Usually, people are suggested to send their latest eye prescriptions to the eye center if they want to buy online. Then, how to define the word- latest? Well, the prescription should be made within 12 months. Therefore, if the prescriptions are over one year, people are suggested to visit their eye doctors and re-do the prescription.

By and large, people within UK can enjoy free shipping and some shipping fees are needed for people in other countries and regions. However, they are not very expensive.

In a world, Oracle prescription sunglasses are some of the most professional devices for sports use. Any people who love to do sports activities may have a try on those unique sunglasses.

Wearing Prescription Aviator Sunglasses Is Now Becoming a Fashion Trend

April 22nd, 2010

It goes without saying that no one on this planet does not want to have good vision and make him or her beautiful and cool to look at .To be frank, the reasons why people use glasses are now transferring from enjoying good vision to highlighting personal tastes and fashion elements. Therefore, the role of glasses is now not for vision correction only, but also for accessories use. This is the mainstream of the industry. Consequently, in the market are some unique sunglasses becoming popular among people of all age groups. Prescription aviator sunglasses, for example, are just some of the most beloved products for consumers.

If judged from their names, prescription aviator sunglasses are used for aviators who have to deal with very complicated vision environment. It is true that the first aviator sunglasses invented by Ray Ban, one of the world’s top glasses manufacturers, are just used for military purposes. And the outcomes have disclosed that many soldiers have benefited greatly by wearing those sunglasses protecting their eyes from being damaged by harmful rays, like strong glares, in the battle field. But now, those sunglasses are not only used by military, but also by ordinary people. Thereby, ordinary people can also wear the top sunglasses as the troops do.

As one of the most important leaders in the industry, Ray Ban is now sparing no efforts to prompt their products- aviator sunglasses and some other related series( of course, other makers also make this series). Though now most of those sunglasses are not used for military purposes, their quality is greatly guaranteed, almost the same as those used by soldiers. In the battle field, prescription aviator sunglasses can completely protect soldiers’ eyes from being injured by any sort or radiations, no matter how powerful, harmful or strong that might be. Therefore, they will be unparallel in combating some ordinary rays and radiations in daily lives, including UV rays, Glares, etc.  And this is, doubtless, one of the reasons why so may people are crazy about them.

Prescription aviator sunglasses are meticulously prescribed. So, some particular eye problems can be cured with them; some eye-pleasing designs and styles can also be highlighted, too. It is true that almost all people love to wear stylish sunglasses, let alone those with eye problems. Fortunately, prescription aviator sunglasses will not only solve those matters, but also ensure great vision clarity and vision security. Of course, while prescribing, people can ask the opticians to add some very individualized elements that can highlight their personal tastes. Thus, others can easily find that those wearers are really very cool and nice to see with those sunglasses; but what they can not see is the protective systems inside.

From the perspective of cost, prescription aviator sunglasses are really much expensive than other ordinary ones. This is mainly because those sunglasses are powerful in protecting eyes and fascinating in designs.

Ultimately, prescription aviator sunglasses are to date some of the most beloved alternatives for almost all people. Why not have a try?

Prescription Sunglasses- Popular all the Time

April 20th, 2010

If judged from different standpoint, sunglasses can be fallen into various types. For example, from a perspective of being prescribed or not, there are non-prescription sunglasses and prescription sunglasses. Usually, non-prescription sunglasses are very popular among people with no eye problems, whereas prescription sunglasses are good alternatives for people with some particular eye problems. But there is a fact that more and more people are now suffering from eye problems of different sorts. Therefore, it is urgent to tell something about prescription sunglasses that are used for vision correction. Moreover, here is a trend that that prescription sunglasses become some of the most beloved products among wearers of different groups, for various sorts of reasons.

Prescription sunglasses can make sure that people with certain eye problems can regain their vision. For example, some of the most common eye problems, like myopia, hyperopia, etc. can be treated with them. Still, some other serious eye problems, like both presbyopia, astigmatism, and so on, can also be treated by them if some particular designs are made. Therefore, people can also enjoy the comfort and happiness of sunglasses though they have some eye problems- this is one of the great reasons why prescription sunglasses can maintain their momentum in sunglasses industry.

And one point should be noticed. Now that they are called prescription sunglasses, prescription is essential. This is because all those sunglasses are meticulously and strictly made according to the information on the prescription. Therefore, people are suggested to send their latest prescription to the retailers whether they buy from real optical stores or from online vendors. And the word “latest” means “within 12 months”. So, if their prescriptions are over one year, people should visit their opticians and re-get their eye prescription, mainly because people’s eyes always change as time goes on.

People can find prescription sunglasses made from different materials. Usually, there are many materials that can be used to manufacture prescription sunglasses. For example, the first glasses and sunglasses lenses are made from glass; later, some plastics are also employed, for they are much lighter than glass; following that, some polycarbonate are also used, which are lightweight, explosive-proofed, much transparent; and now, there are sunglasses made from photo-chromic materials that will adjust colors according to the surroundings. Of course, many other materials are also used. And people can get prescription sunglasses made from one of the above mentioned materials.

Furthermore, prescription sunglasses can now completely protect wearers’ eyes. Now, people tend to spend more time for outdoor activities. But there is a problem that more harmful rays and radiations in the sun lights will also cause great damage to their eyes at the same time. Luckily, it can be avoided by wearing prescription sunglasses that can filter out almost all UV rays, all blue-light, and many other harmful radiations.

In a word, prescription sunglasses now become the beloved alternatives for many people. Anyone who is now wearing other prescription glasses can also have a try.

Discount Prescription Sunglasses can Bring More Surprises

April 19th, 2010

People have made some preparation for their daily lives when summer comes. One reason is they want to be seemed cool or beautiful. Another is they should try some ways to protect their eyes from being injured by strong sun lights. In particular, for those who already have some eye problems, such preparation is essential and urgent. Luckily, the emergence of prescription sunglasses in this season has eliminated those worries and troubles. Facts have proved that prescription sunglasses are really good alternatives for those who are struck by eye problems- they will not only be used for vision correction, but also for accessories, making wearers more attractive to see. Meanwhile, people may have another questions- are those sunglasses affordable for them? Usually, they are relatively expensive than ordinary glasses, due to their unique features. And it seems that people with low income can not get them. However, there are still some discount prescription sunglasses in the market, which can satisfy the demands of people with low income.

Discount prescription sunglasses refer to prescription sunglasses that are sold at discount. Therefore, the greatest feature in them is cheapness. People are only needed to spend less money to get them comparing to other sunglasses. For example, ordinary prescription sunglasses are sold at about $200 or more on average. However, those discount sunglasses cost only dozens of dollars only. This would be a great surprise for people who can not afford some particular prescriptions sunglasses. And the data collected from the retailers have also disclosed that discount prescription sunglasses are some of the best selling products in the markets. Or in some situations, they are some of the main alternatives for people with low income in summer.

Now that those sunglasses are so nice, where can get them? Usually, there are several main places to get them- optical stores, online shops, supermarkets, etc.

Optical stores are some of the commonest places to buy glasses. And discount prescription sunglasses can also be obtained there. It is true that in the not-distant-past optical stores are not willing to sell sunglasses at discount. However, with the intense competition in the industry, mainly from other optical stores and online shops, they also have to sell their products at discount. And discount prescription sunglasses are some of their particular products for consumers of different demands.

Online shops are now becoming some of the most beloved places for people to get prescription sunglasses, mainly because products there are much cheaper than others. This Virtual business model has greatly enhanced online shoppers’ competitiveness and saved running cost. So, most of them can sell their prescription sunglasses at unimaginable discount. Still, buying discount prescription sunglasses from online shops is really very convenient and time-saving. Everything can be done by just clicking mouse within several minutes.

Some super markets also sell discount prescription sunglasses. And they are also good places for people who often go shopping.

However, no matter to buy from any one of the aforesaid place, people are suggested to give their latest eye prescription to the vendors.

Ultimately, discount prescription sunglasses are really good options for people who want to have a good summer.

Some Tips and how to Buy Wrapped Prescription Sunglasses Online?

April 18th, 2010

Generally, sunglasses are mainly fallen into two major groups, namely, wrapped sunglasses and unwrapped sunglasses, if seen from the perspective of frames. Unwrapped sunglasses are some of the most common glasses that people often see in the market. Wrapped sunglasses, by contrast, are not very common, but often made in particular styles, especially wrapped prescription sunglasses are very famous. In order to let people know more about the latter types, some detailed information about them will be presented and something related to how to buy wrapped prescription sunglasses online will also be given subsequently.

Compared with other sorts, wrapped prescription sunglasses are heavily wrapped in frames that might be plastics, metal, and so forth. Such structure has also made those sunglasses very fascinating to see, mainly due to the streamlines around the frames greatly highlighting their styles and looks. Thus, many people, especially those young people, tend to buy those fashionable and stylish sunglasses. But there is a contradiction that people who love to get them can not get them in some occasions. That’s to say people of certain groups can not wear wrapped sunglasses. For example, people who have to wear bifocals or progressive sunglasses can not wear sunglasses of this type. This is because there are some requirements on the sizes of the lenses while prescribing the aforesaid sunglasses. If the lenses are wrapped, the vision areas will become insufficient as a result.

However, wrapped sunglasses are also suitable for most people. If so, how to get them? There are mainly two channels to get them- buying from real optical stores and online shops. But among the two methods, more and more people tend to buy wrapped prescription sunglasses online. Here are some steps on how to get them online.

The first step is to find a legal online retailer. This is very important, for some people are defrauded by illegal ones. And the simplest ways is just to buying from those famous retailers.

The second is to send one’s latest eye prescription to the online vendor. This step is essential, for any legal vendors of prescription sunglasses will ask for it. Through this, one can tell whether or not the retailer is legal. Keep in mind, the prescription can accurately reflect the latest eye information. If not, the prescribed sunglasses can not be worn.

The third is to pay more attention while selecting. Each online vendor will provide thousands sorts of options and one is suggested to select through try-on system that is equipped by all vendors. If one can not get ideal alternatives in one shop, just go to another. Anyway, buying online is not time-consuming.

Ultimately, after the sunglasses are ordered and paid, one just needs to wait for the delivery.

All in all, more and more people come into the recognition that wearing wrapped prescription sunglasses can make them much cooler to see. And anyone who loves fashion may have a try.

Prescription Polarized Sunglasses and Their Competitive Advantages

April 18th, 2010

Sunglasses are popular, and prescription sunglasses are also very popular. And with the development of technology and urgent demands of consumers, prescription sunglasses are now divided into much more specific series. For example, some prescription sunglasses are mainly used for people with particular eye problems; some are for special outdoors sports activities; some for outdoor uses, etc. And some of those sunglasses have really attracted a lot of people and become leading products in the industry. Of which, prescription polarized sunglasses are just such typical examples. According to some statistics, those unique sunglasses have gained very wide popularity and now still maintained their competitive advantages. If so, what are their merits and advantages compared to other conventional sunglasses?

The foremost important merit on those unique sunglasses is they are polarized. Polarization is a very complicated making process, through which the sunglasses are particularly dealt. After polarization, sunglasses can be used to combat glares that are some of the most harmful rays to eyes.

Glares, as their names indicate, are some of the radiations reflected by other mirror-alike objects when lights are shed on them. They will not only affect people’s vision- many objects can not be seen if there are too many glares around, but also cause great damage to people’s eyes- some may suffer from eye problems and some others get blinded as a result. Still, glares are almost every where around people’ living environment. For example, while driving at night, drivers will be greatly influenced by glares reflected by other cars; people can not see objects in the room if they see from the windows that will reflect sunlight; snow field and water pools are also places of great glares

Now that polarization is mainly for tackling glares; prescription polarized sunglasses can prevent people’s eyes from being damaged by glares in the aforesaid situations. Those sunglasses are good alternatives for people who often drive at night, who often go outdoors, etc. Especially, now some much better series are derived from them- some of those polarized sunglasses can be used for sports use. For example, there are now some prescription polarized sunglasses for skiing; some people who love to fishing also tends to wear those unique sunglasses and so forth.

Another prominent feature in prescription polarized sunglasses is they are highly prescribed. On the one hand, those sunglasses are meticulously and precisely made according to the prescription; still, in those sunglasses are some personal elements of the wearers. Therefore, almost all wearers will find that their sunglasses are special and individualized and their personal elements and elegance are also highlighted.

It is true that people pay more attention to styles and designs other than functions only on sunglasses. But functions are also important or vital for all wearers. And the emergence of prescription polarized sunglasses has ensured that functions, styles, personal tastes can all be highlighted at the same time.

Different Color Curved Prescription Sunglasses and Their Merits

April 17th, 2010

There is a tendency that more and more people love to wear sunglasses in summer. Besides, those sunglasses, in people’s minds, can make them cool to look at if those sunglasses are tinted with some marvelous colors. Meanwhile, people with some eye problems are also eager to get them. And the emergence of different color curved prescription sunglasses has satisfied their demands. A survey has revealed that those sunglasses are now among some of the best selling products in the market. Here is some information about them.

More colors and related color scheme are available in those sunglasses. It is true that people, in particular those young girls and boys, to date care more about colors, which can, to a great extent, embody fashionable elements. That’s to say different color curved prescription sunglasses can give consumers more options in colors- any color exists or any color scheme that is possible, etc. So it is very common to notice that many people wear different with different colors that they love most.

Why are those sunglasses curved? This is a frequently asked question by many people. It is very simple to answer. People who have some eye problems should wear corrective glasses that must be manufactured by following some principles. Of which, curvedness in the lenses is essential and can make wearers see clearly of objects at different distance. Moreover, such design can also ensure good visual effects- others will think glasses in this shape are really nice to see. So, it is very common to see inward curved glasses.

Besides, those unique sunglasses are meticulously prescribed and are called prescription sunglasses. All the eye information of the wearers will be reflected in a detailed prescription, on which the sunglasses are made. Thereby, each people have his or her only sunglasses that can not be worn by others. And this has also ensured the accuracy of the sunglasses- if everything are strictly followed, no discrepancy will occur on those sunglasses.

Ultimately, sunglasses are some of the most effective protective devices for eyes. But there are still some un-qualified ones in the market, which has caused great damages onto wearers’ eyes. However, different color curved prescription sunglasses are strictly prescribed and made, and they have all features of top sunglasses consequently. They can help filter out almost 99% UV rays, including UVA and UVB; they can block glares that may cause glaucoma or cataract in serious occasions; they can keep off dusts and other harmful wastes, etc. Still, almost all of them are scratch-resistible, and explosive-proofed. In a word, people can wear those unique sunglasses without worrying about anything or any injury to their eyes, and enjoy their lives at east.

All in all, different color curved prescription sunglasses are really very unique in design and powerful in function. And they are ideal alternatives for people who love to wear prescriptions and want to keep up with the latest fashion trend.