Possible elements used in sparkly glasses

June 29th, 2010 by Reza Hyver Leave a reply »

Eyeglasses in various designs will express in different ways and bring different looks to wearers. This aspect has become increasingly important, when modern lens technologies are quite mature and capable of offering precise lens powers. Both eyeglass users and eyewear manufacturers shift a certain amount of their attention to eyeglass appearance. It is predicable that this trend will continue and hardly encounter a stop. Currently, spectacles made by manufacturers according to various design concepts are able to create different visual effects. The eye is always the first part that will be noticed by another person. It is a common saying that giving a good first-sight impression is quite important for everyone. For people who use glasses, this device may be decisive because it stays over the eyes and cover a certain part of the eyes. According to different visual effects, there are sparkly glasses and plain or gray glasses.

To a high degree, the selection of a sparkly or plain pair of eyeglasses reflects the wearer’s lifestyle or personality. Sparkly eyeglasses simply refer to spectacles that look sparkly or splendid. These glasses are more acceptable and favored by young ladies and boys. Leaving alone the appropriateness of these products, it is more necessary to discuss what elements can be used to make sparkly glasses. These products actually cover any pair that can create such a visual effect, never exerting restrictions on frame shape, material and so forth. But in general, using gorgeous colors and rhinestones are the commonest ways to design sparkly spectacles.

Rhinestones can currently be found in many eyewear brands. This special substance is intended to look like a diamond and is widely used in cheap jewelry. Appearing in clear, these stones are shiny and thus bring a sparkling image. Most designers apply this element in the front frame, while others incorporate rhinestones also in the temples. Bright and splendid colors like red and rose are also good elements to design sparkly glasses. In contrast, gray, purple and blue are generally incompetent of creating such an effect.


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