Pink eyeglasses with fashionable elements

July 13th, 2010 by Randa Fritch Leave a reply »

In the modern eyewear market, products or models are widely available for either vision correction or fashion enhancement or a combination of them. And the customers or users always have many eyewear options granted by designers and non-branded manufacturers in terms of frame material, frame style, lens material, temple design, and nose pad style and other color factors. In particular, frame and lens color or colors are an important part which determines a large portion of the whole appearance. And in recent years, pink eyeglasses have been widespread among people in different countries and with different occupations. Eyeglasses in this color are nearly equal in design to red eyeglasses, yellow eyeglasses, blue eyeglasses and the like. These colored eyewear products represent a basic trend in the eyewear industry since they all take use of the coloring or tinting approach.

By and large, pink eyeglasses will help wearers create a girly look on face, so that these models are more commonly selected by ladies than by gentlemen. Even if there are still some mischievous boys using pink eyewear, they only resort these accessories for temporary entertainment. Some people may discover a fact that in the fashion eyewear world, more elements are for women than for men. This is exactly true especially while the frame and lenses follow a colored approach to decoration. In the colored eyewear realm, other products that are mainly for female customers include red glasses and orange glasses. In fact, ladies have always a wider access to accessories of other types.

Recognizing the popularity of pink eyewear among fashionable ladies, it is still necessary to figure out different types of these products. According to a functional classification, pink eyeglasses have prescription type and Plano type. Even though we refer both these two categories to a same name, there are certain differences. Prescription pink eyewear comes with only pink frames, leaving the lenses clear for vision correction. Since the frame is usually the only colored part of Rx eyewear, the name given is generally acceptable. When it comes to Plano pink spectacles, the lenses can also be in pink. For an additional decoration or fashion enjoyment, tinting the non-prescription lenses is a good idea.


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