Pay Attention to the Development of the Children’s Eyes before They Reach 20

March 31st, 2011 by Cliff Krause Leave a reply »

Experts put forward that for people who are under 18, their eyes will experience two periods of the fastest growth. The first period is from 3~4 years old and the second period is from 12~15 years old. Our eyeball will not be developed until we reach 20. If parents can protect well their children’s eyesight during these two periods, the vision of their children will be lost more slowly even if they suffer from myopia in the future.

Generally speaking, myopia is caused mostly by that the anterior and posterior axis are too long. The second reason is the refractive power of the eyes is too strong. Myopia occurs mostly at adolescence and is related to genetics to some extent. However, its occurrence and development is closely associated with insufficient light, improper reading posture, near-distance work and so forth.

Additionally, when the children’s eyes are at the first fast growing period do not let them read and write too much but allow them to take part in the outdoor activities such as singing, dancing, swimming, etc. as far as possible. When their eyes are at the second fast growing period, if you find your children have suffered from myopia you should match them eyeglasses to correct their visions immediately. What should be noticed is that as the myopic eyes are just suitable for near-distance working, you should ask your children to wear the eyeglasses while seeing the blackboard and take them off while reading or writing.

Consequently, all parents should pay attention to the development of their children’s eyes, especially when they are under 18. I think none of the parents would like their children to be troubled with myopia and wear glasses all their lives. If you don’t want your children to suffer from such pain please cultivate their good habit of using eyes before they are short-sighted.


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