New frames and lenses for latest eyeglasses

June 10th, 2010 by Randa Nahl Leave a reply »

A pair of prescription eyewear has become an indispensible part in many people’s lives. With the excessive eye use in tense work, modern individuals living especially in developed and thriving countries seem more vulnerable to different forms of eye problems. Poor eyesight is definitely a big problem for all of us. In this sense, the importance of Rx eyeglasses should be greatly appreciated. The vision correction or compromise provided by eyeglasses is quite valuable for a great number of folks. Yet another problem associated with prescription eyewear is that more and more eyeglass users want to get additional benefit from wearing such a device. This is testified by the latest eyeglasses in every year and even each season. People with many years of using prescription eyeglasses may have discovered that the Rx eyewear market in each year will release new and fashionable models. And there will also be certain trends within several years. In this article, we try to discuss some models or lines of both latest eyeglass frames and lenses.

Eyeglass frame is always the most critical part to create a fashionable look. It is a well-known secret that eyewear manufacturers usually pay much attention to frame design and production. This is especially true within those reputable brands. In 2010, there are some latest eyeglasses which come with new frame designs. REM Eyewear launches a new collection including 10 frame styles with contemporary designs and vibrant colors for modern women. A typical model is Go-Go in brown. Marc Jacobs releases a new ophthalmic collection called Marc which contains debuted 11 new eyeglass frames. Theses frames are vintage-inspired and cutting-edge and complement well the Marc Jacobs clothing and accessories. Appearing mainly in rectangular shapes, these new frames are ideal for sophisticated and urban ladies and gentlemen.

In the current season, Rx eyewear users also have an access to latest eyeglasses which are made of newest lenses. Ultra Wrap introduced by Shamir adds new elements to its lens material lines. These new lenses come in a redesigned back curve and are able to accommodate a wider range of nearsighted and farsighted prescriptions. They can be used to make single vision and progressive lenses and are extremely suitable for wraparound frames. For people who use wraparound prescription sunglasses, Thin-Tech Rx lenses released by Ice-Tech are a good choice because they are highly curved yet provide good vision without distortion and bulk.


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