My Experience of Buying Discount Eyeglasses Online

February 22nd, 2011 by Angela Garrana Leave a reply »

I always like to keep up with the fashion trend. And I’m the first person to try shopping online in my families and friends. At first, I planned to buy clothes at online shops, they persuaded me not to buy things from there. They worried about that I would be cheated by the online retailers. Finally, when they saw my ordered clothes were high-qualified, they began to buy some daily necessaries from the online shops one by one. It seems that they have enjoyed the benefits.

Nowadays, I also begin to purchase eyeglasses online. I have worn eyeglasses for many years because of my near-sightedness. At early time, I like to walk into the optical stores to try on eyeglasses. After having a comprehensive eye exam, I can get accurate prescription. And then with the help of optometrist, I will pick out glasses depending on my face shape, skin tone and personality. All the people in the local optical stores are friendly. And the relaxed air makes me feel comfortable.

One time, I took a fancy to a pair of designer glasses in the local eyeglasses market. However, its high price made me stupefied. Oh, my god. It really will cost my one-month salary. I would pinch and save in the next days if I bought it. So, I decided to have a look at from the Internet. To my surprise, I really found the same one as my beloved one. However, they are much cheaper. As I liked it very much, I bought them without hesitation after telling prescription. About four days later, I received my glasses. To my delight, they didn’t let me down. My friends said that these glasses looked good on me.

I dare say that I have rich experiences in shopping online. And most online optical stores offer discount eyeglasses. But you should make comparison between different shops and pay close attention to the feedback from the former customers.


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