Merits and Demerits of Bifocals and trifocals

April 7th, 2010 by Scott Mozayeni Leave a reply »

Bifocals and trifocals are two of the most important varifocal lenses in people’s daily lives. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. Here is some wanted information about the two lenses for many people, especially those new wearers.

Bifocals have two different vision areas, each of which is responsible for near vision and far vision respectively. But many people may hear from others that bifocal lenses problems are really very troublesome. This is partly true. All those problems are mainly caused by their unique structures. Those lenses are combined by two different cut lenses. That’s to say, each of them is responsible for vision at different distance. And many wearers may suffer from very serious dizziness and headaches occasionally when they change their vision radically. The reason is the optic nerves in wearers’ mind can not react in time with the vision change, and the brain will suffer greatly as a result. Another very common symptom is almost all people will spend some time to adapt them, though the time varies a lot.

In order to solve those problems caused by bifocals, lots of designers and professionals have spared no efforts to improve them. Later, the birth of varifocal bifocal lenses has satisfied wearers’ demands to some extent. Those lenses can ensure wearers enjoy great vision clarity and comfort without any aforesaid complications.

Trifocals are more advanced lenses than bifocals in some senses. There are three different vision areas in those lenses, namely, areas for far vision, intermediate vision and nearby vision. This design can help wearers more easily get used to them and reduce the chances of radical vision transition. Therefore, the cost of trifocal lenses is much greater than some bifocals and other conventional lenses. But there are some exceptions if wearers buy them from different retailers. For example, products from online vendors are much cheaper than optical stores. Still, people can also ask for help from certain Insurance Companies who provide such services sometimes.

In a word, those bifocal trifocal lenses can effectively help solve some particular eye problems, though people may withstand some discomfort while wearing. There is a trend that more and more innovations are made on them and more comfort can be found on them as well.


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