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When it comes to pick a pair of glasses, you will probably consider the frame size, material, style, lens index, etc. However, lens coatings are also pretty vital to enhance lens performance and can add to the appearance of your new glasses. Have you ever looked at someone and been distracted by the white glare on their lenses? Or struggle with headlights when driving at night? Here’s a simple guide to understand these coatings and how to choose them.

Anti-Scratch Coating


Anti-Scratch Coating is the most basic coating as scratched lenses are distracting and can affect your ability to see clearly. It acts as a protective layer which makes the lenses both more durable and safer. With the coating, you don’t have to worry too much if the glasses suddenly drop on the floor or clean the lenses with a paper towel occasionally. Luckily all of our lenses come with this coating.

Anti-Reflective (AR) /Anti-glare Coating


AR coating is a must-have for all eye wearers. It can enhance the light transmission through the lenses and can significantly reduce reflections. It also makes your glasses less reflective in photographs, so others can see your eyes rather than a reflection. AR coating is highly recommended for all types of lenses, especially for working in front of a computer.

Super Hydrophobic Water Resistant Coating


This coating has all the properties of a regular AR coating, plus the added benefit of a water resistant coating that repels dirt and water. That is to say, it can repel unwanted dirt and water, and make your lenses easy to clean and maintain. Imagine that you are walking into a heavy rain, the coating definitely helps as it keeps the water away from your glasses. For your information, our advanced coatings include all these functions.

Oleophobic Fingerprint Coating


Oleophobic Fingerprint coating comes with all the properties of our standard AR and Super Hydrophobic Water Resistant Coating. In addition, it also has an oil resistant coating that makes it easier to deal with fingerprints and sweat. If you like to take off your glasses frequently, there is no need to worry that you may leave many fingerprints since you can easily wipe them with a lens cleaning cloth. To get all these benefits, please choose Ultimate Coatings on our site.

UV Coating


Lenses with UV coating will block many of the harmful ultraviolet rays from damaging your eyes, which may reduce the risk of retinal damage, cataracts and other eye problems. Our Standard index 1.50 lenses and Thin Spheric (1.56) lenses come with 85-90% UV protection while other lenses with higher index include 100% UV protection. Besides, our sunglasses also include this kind of coating. It is the best choice for outing, especially for beaches.

Your glasses provide you with vision and they deserve the best enhancements, so please choose the lens coatings that fit your unique needs. Please visit us at or contact us at for help.


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