Fashion Sunglasses Come Into Being

October 22nd, 2010 by Cliff Krause Leave a reply »

People are familiar with sunglasses for many years, and realize that sunglasses can block off UV radiation and HEV radiation. They would like to have a pair of sunglasses not only for eyes protection, but also for fashionable decoration. Nowadays, there are several kinds of sunglasses, such as prescription sunglasses, non-prescription sunglasses.

When sunglasses have become a popular accessory just like hats, gloves, ties and so on. Have you ever thought of how the sunglasses come into being, especially the modern fashionable sunglasses?

The first occurrence of sunglasses traced back to the 12th century in China, which were just a crude slab of smoked quartz. Later, this simple design developed into a slab with a roughly shaped frame to hold the quartz. Used by the rich, these primary sunglasses could not only block out sunlight, but also hide emotions during conversation. Later in the 18th century, sunglasses with vision correction were conceived by James Ayscough. And sunglasses with blue or green tint were believed to correct certain vision problems, rather than solely shield the eyes from bright sunlight.

Actually, sunglasses became popular only until the 1920s, which was contributed by the prevalence of the film industry. At this time, many Hollywood stars and starlets used sunglasses to block out stage light and the blinding flashbulbs of cameras. Promoted by the film industry, mass production of sunglasses occurred. During the 1950s and 1960s, sunglasses were accepted widely by the public. Until now, sunglasses have a substantial change.

For one thing, modern sunglasses can protect your eyes from UV radiation. For another, it has the function of vision correction. Apart from the two, modern sunglasses are fashionable. They are made of more advanced material and they are designed in different styles, shapes and colors. Many fashion brand names also concentrate on designing sunglasses, which provide more selections. Fashion sunglasses will also play an important part in the fashion world. Both celebrities and common people like to wear them to show up their personalities. With time flying, fashion sunglasses will have a change constantly.


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