Different Eyeglasses Coatings for Different Purposes

January 21st, 2011 by Angela Garrana Leave a reply »

When we go to optical stores to get eyeglasses, we know there are various kinds of options. Different types are for different purposes. As for the lens coating only, there are several kinds available. The most common styles are anti-reflective coating, scratch-resistant coating. The eyeglasses provide special functions to the eyeglasses. Usually they are supplied in many eyeglasses.

With these eyeglasses coating, they can improve the lens function and appearance. When you are selecting buying eyeglasses, you should take this factor into account. Anti-reflecting coating are used to improve vision condition, protect eyes and enhance the glasses look. They put coating from the back of the lenses to prevent sunlight going through the back to the eyes.

Scratch-resistant coatings are much harder for they are more resistant to scratching. With these coating, your glasses will be protected very well. If your glasses drop from the table on the floor or clean them with a paper towel, they will not be scratched. There are various kinds of eyeglasses lenses materials including high-index lenses and polycarbonate and traditional plastic ones. Most of them have scratch-resistant coating.

There are some other kinds of coatings as well, for example, full mirror coating, flash mirror coating and hard coating. The full mirror coating is made like this. After treatment at the back of the sunglasses, coat a layer of colorful reflective coating to achieve the effect like a mirror. They can reflect sunlight and protect eyes. They are quite suitable for driving. Comparing with the full mirror coating, the flash mirror is much less reflective. As for the hard coating, they are to harden the glasses lenses to minimize the possibility of being scratched.

In all, all the eyeglasses coating are used for different purposes. The buyers can select according to personal uses. If it is necessary, you can get suggestions from professional opticians.


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