Creative and beneficial wood glasses

June 28th, 2010 by Andrew Rabinowitz Leave a reply »

Eyewear designers and manufacturers always keep a rapid pace in innovating new products. The colored eyeglasses and sunglasses prevailing in recent years are a good testimony. And their efforts can also be proven by the application of creative frame materials. Regular plastic and metal are traditionally used by in eyewear factories to make frames. And then more advanced versions like polycarbonate and high index plastics follow. Within the metal family, stainless steel, titanium and memory metal as new comers bring valuable benefits such as lightness, durability and flexibility. People who think that these advanced materials mark an end to material application in eyewear frames are wrong. Modern eyewear products can also take use of many unusual materials or ingredients. Wood glasses are a typical example. Wood is the hard material that the trunk and branches of a tree are made of.

The application of wood in eyeglass and sunglass frames is really an innovative idea. This brings a significant different option for eyewear users. In fact, wood glasses as a wide concept cover all glasses that use wood materials in their frames. Most of the wood frames are made of hardwoods, such as cocobolo, bloodwood and purpleheart. The reason is probably that these materials can help the frames maintain the original shape for a long period. And it is widely recognized that eyeglass frames made of woods are durable. The robustness of these materials makes the frames resistant against losing their shapes.

There are several other benefits of wearing wood glasses. Woods are natural materials and hardly cause skin allergies in the wearers. This is not the case in some plastics and metals used in eyeglasses. Using a pair of wood eyewear eliminates some people’s concern about allergy. In addition, the development of wood eyeglasses and sunglasses conforms to the propagation of using environmental friendly materials. Unlike most plastic and metal eyeglass frames, wood frames require usually more care during daily usage. This is because woods are hard materials and they can get broken when fall off onto the floor. Cartier is a well-known brand which offers a wide line of wood spectacles.


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