Corrosion-resistant and lightweight titanium sunglasses

September 2nd, 2010 by David Wachler Leave a reply »

Sunglasses are a must-have for many people in each summer. Due to the increasingly serious damage to the ozone layer, protecting the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays becomes more and more critical and necessary. Sunwear frame is absolutely an important factor that may determine the overall quality and related features. Today, sunwear manufacturers are allowed to take use of traditional and modern plastics and metals, as well as rarely used materials like horn, wood and even precious stone. Eyeglasses and sunglasses made of wood and horn frames are to some extent widespread. But the mainstream is still occupied by plastic and metal frames. Making a brief comparison, plastics and metals have their own pros and cons. Customers would resort to specific items according to their own needs. However, there is a trend in sunwear industry that some superior metals are favored by an increasingly number of people. And titanium sunglasses are exactly one of the items.

The increase in popularity gained by metal sunwear frames is mainly contributed by their untraditional feature named lightness. From a traditional perspective, only plastics like zyl and nylon are lightweight and customers expecting fewer burdens on the nose would choose a plastic frame. And those metal frames are traditional thought to be too heavy to afford. It is true that some manufacturers produced bronze frames or frames made of heavy alloys in the past. But the current situation is that metals frames no longer have inappropriate weight. Titanium sunglasses, stainless steel sunglasses, memory metal sunglasses and aluminum sunglasses all feature lightness. And these new forms of metal frames still bring another category of benefits.

In explaining the second point, titanium sunglasses are a good example. A unique benefit offered by a titanium frame is corrosion-resistance. Sunglasses are very likely to be used in a humid environment like on a beach or boat. Keeping sunwear corrosion-resistant is quite necessary. No metal is born to be resistant to corrosion. And in fact, titanium and beta-titanium used in sunwear frames are alloys. They have also wide applications in other industries, ranging from Gemini and Apollo space capsules to medical implants.


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