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Acuvue Oasis — lens of comfort and freshness

March 15th, 2010

Acuvue Oasis, another name of Acuvue Oasys contact lenses, is one of the main products of Vistakon, an important subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson Corporation. Based on the advantage of Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue Oasis has always been one of the most popular contact lenses among contact wearers. In addition to this, Acuvue Oasys contact lenses have their own peculiarities.

The day when Acuvue Oasis comes into the world, it has related with the credo of “to be always comfortable and fresh”. Hence, the first impression that Acuvue Oasis presents to its consumers is nice to wear.

Acuvue Oasis is weekly disposable contact lens. Thereby, people can enjoy each fresh week with Acuvue Oasys contact lenses. This is because the manufacturing of such lenses has integrated into the latest Hydraclear plus technology. Each day, Acuvue Oasis can provide its wearers sufficient moisture. From morning to night, people needn’t worry about any problems of dryness. And such freshness can last a whole week.

Acuvue Oasis is very easy to handle. Acuvue Oasys contact lenses are tinted to make sure that wearers can pick them easily. Moreover, a special “AV-indicator” is equipped to make sure that these Acuvue Oasys contact lenses can be inserted accurately.

Acuvue Oasis can filter out sorts of harmful rays. With the latest technology, Acuvue Oasys contact lenses can block most of the UVA rays and UVB rays that may cause serious injuries onto eyes. Some people have badly injured their eyes by wearing contact lenses that can not block UV rays. When they come to Acuvue Oasis, they find that such contact lenses are really ideal alternatives, for it is no need for them to worry about UV radiations.

Anyway, Acuvue Oasis has provided consumers the greatest comfort and freshness in their eyes.

The functions of Cosmetic contact lenses

March 13th, 2010

As one important member of contacts, cosmetic contact lenses have been eye-catching products in the market. As their names suggest, cosmetic contact lenses refer to the color contact for cosmetic purpose. Hence, in most cases, they are also referred as contact lens without prescription, though it is not true.

People always notice that cosmetic contact lenses have, among the most popular glasses products, become one of the most beloved lenses for young people. Even for some of them, cosmetic contact lenses represent not only the current fashion, but the way of showing personal characters.

The reason why some people choose to wear cosmetic contact lenses is they deem that some other fashion-oriented people have worn ever or now. Hence, wearing cosmetic contact lenses is still a nice way for them to show their passion for fashion.

To achieve some settled effects, these young people wear cosmetic contact lenses with different colors on different occasions. For such contacts can change the color of eyeball, wearing them can lead to various outcomes. Generally, cosmetic contact lenses can make people’s eyes nice to see. However, on some other occasions, cosmetic contact lenses may lead to atmosphere of horror, gothic, or even death. When others saw such colors in specific environments, they may get frightened or horrified.

However, people are not recommended to wear contact lens without prescription too long at a time. This is because the contact lens without prescription is very different with other contact lens in term of their sizes and manufacturing technologies. Wearing contact lens without prescription for extended long time every time may cause some sorts of infections.

Moreover, contact lens without prescription will not make eyes tinted. Generally speaking, the colors of contact lens without prescription are dealt with special technologies, so they will not tint the eyes of wearer.

The price of contact lens without prescription is relatively cheap. So consumers can choose any contact lens without prescription at price that they can afford. According to the US law, wearers still need to visit the eye doctor to get the prescription for cosmetic contact lenses, though the power is zero, there are other factor such as curvature of your eyes to ensure eye health.

How to care and clean CIBA Vision lenses?

March 8th, 2010

CIBA Vision lenses, like other brands of contact lenses, are all made from synthetic materials (silicone hydrogel) which can easily gather up germs and dirt after being worn on the eyes for some time. These germs which can multiply quickly, together with the dirt on the surface on the CIBA Vision lenses, will cause serious infection and contamination of your eyes. Therefore the CIBA Vision lenses need to be cleaned and cared using the compatible solutions to protect the CIBA Vision lenses and your eyes.

CIBA Vision offers different types of solutions to specific type of CIBA Vision contact lens or multi-purpose ones for all types of soft CIBA Vision lenses. Please follow the guidelines provided by the factory. After being properly cared, the CIBA Vision contact lens can be disinfected and resumed to offer clear and comfortable wear the next time your wear it.

One point that can’t be ignored is that you can never use running water or even distilled water to clean and care the CIBA Vision contact lens. As running w CIBA water contains micro-organisms and other minerals, these particles will impact the function of CIBA Vision lenses and will surely cause your eye infection.

After being cleaned and rinsed, CIBA Vision lenses should be stored in the factory approved solutions and lens cases. Please remember the lens cases should also be cleaned and changed periodically to avoid further contaminations.

All these care steps are done to make sure your CIBA Vision lenses can always provide you sharp vision in a healthy way. Unhealthy way of wearing of CIBA Vision lenses will cause unimaginable result.

Different opinions about cheap contact

March 7th, 2010

Cheap contact is generally referred to contact lens at a low price or affordable price. At the initial stage of contact lenses development, they were much more expensive than contacts nowadays. Thanks to innovations and on-going researches, cheap lenses are available in wide options. Coupled with the increasing demand for contact lenses from the public, cheap contact in large bulk has witnessed a revolutionary boom in recent years. Cheap contact is offered by both reputed manufacturers and ordinary brands now. These cheap lenses suit the budget of the average people. This is a significant contribution. However, there are different opinions about cheap contact, both applauding and dissatisfying.

The most widely accepted advantage of cheap contact is its reasonable price. It makes contact lenses available even for the low income group of people. Cheap lenses offer an economical solution to customers’ various vision problems. This is an important help for the average consumer. Cheap contact in colored type also brings fashion for the ordinary people. In early days, colored contact lenses were expensive and were only affordable by a small percentage of population. You can get cheap lenses through many channels conveniently, such as online shops, ECPs and mail order centers.

In contrast, some people are not in favor of cheap contact. The quality is the most frequently blamed thing. Cheap lenses are always manufactured in large quantity and disposable type. So some people think that their quality can hardly be ensured.  Cheap contact can mostly offer premium quality, which is not acceptable for those people who take quality as the most critical element. Although attentive and observant consumers can always pick up cheap lenses without compromising on their quality, it is time-consuming.

Non prescription contacts need to be prescribed by eye care professionals

March 4th, 2010

With the popularity corrective color contacts, a new type of lenses called non prescription contacts (plano) came to the cosmetic world. These non prescription color contacts are being enjoyed by trendy women to enhance and brighten the look of their eyes.

The world’s major contacts manufacturers sell high quality non prescription contacts in the market. The most renowned non prescription contacts are FreshLook, Acuvue 2 Colors and Durasoft Colors. Besides these, there are hundreds of other non-brand non prescription contacts in the stores and online stores. But be careful, quality of these no-name non prescription contacts may differ by using different materials and craftsmanship. Furthermore, the paint used on the non prescription color contacts is a chemical and may sometimes be harmful.

There are basically two categories of non prescription contacts, one is opaque lenses which are normally used for dark eyes, the other are enhancers, which are suitable for light eyes. For those who may have night vision problems, please be careful in wearing opaque non prescription color contacts.

Like other contacts, the wearers of non prescription contacts should strictly follow the wearing schedule as the manufacturer’s guide. If the non prescription contacts are not the daily disposable one, you also need to clean those using designated solutions and keep in the lenses cases at night. Another note to mention is that non prescription color contacts are not sunglasses and can’t be shared with friends, as otherwise may cause serious harm to your eyes.

The last note to say is that non prescription color contacts still need to be prescribed by the doctor though the corrective power is zero. Doctors may measure your eye curve and decide the diameter of the non prescription color contacts for you. In addition, even online stores will not sell the non prescription contacts to you if you do not have a valid prescription from your doctor (How to get your prescription).

The tip of how to properly use contact solution

February 28th, 2010

As we know, contact solution is a useful and indispensable tool for contact lens to maintain its hygiene, comforts and elasticity. And how to use the contact lens solution properly may still be a question that puzzles many people. We know failure to use contact solution can have a very bad result in damaging your contacts or even your eyes. Here, we will introduce main types of contact solution and the tips for using contact lens solution.

There are a couple of main types of contact lens solution: Multipurpose contact solution is the most popular used as a result of easy use to clean and disinfect the lens. Saline contact lens solution can only wet but not disinfect the lens, so it is recommended to use with a cleaner. Daily cleaning contact solution is applied to the lens daily, which must be gently rubbed for 20 seconds for both lenses. Hydrogen peroxide contact solution is often used as a cleaner and storage solution, but it must be used combined with a neutral saline solution or it may bring hurt to wearers.

How to use contact lens solution appropriately? The following will give some tips:

Be sure to use contact solution recommended by your eye car professional.

Never use the old and used contact lens solution again. Always discard all of the leftover contact lens solution after each use.

Follow the way to rub and rinse your contact lenses directed by your eye care professional.

Don’t use contact solution that has gone beyond the expiration or discard date.

Don’t transfer contact solution into smaller travel size containers, which can affect the sterility of the solution and leads to eye infections.

Good contact lens care improves your eye health

February 6th, 2010

Good contact lens care is an important step to wear contacts and keep our eyes healthy and safe. Talking about contact lens care, the contact lens solution may just come up in your mind. But how to use the right contact lens cleaner appropriately also has great importance to contact lens care. The following will state how to make contact lens care and use contact lens cleaner properly.

To have a good contact lens care, one of the most important thing we must remember is to wash and dry our hands before handling any contact lens. Use the contact lens care products as prescribed by eye care professionals, and we must bear in mind to consult with the eye doctor when we change for another contact lens care products, like the contact lens cleaner. To be sure to clean the contact lenses when we remove them, clean the lens case after each use and discard contact lens cleaner solution after each time of use. In addition, when we feel uncomfortable which caused by the lens or contact lens care products, go to eye doctor right away to find out the problem.

As an important contact lens care product, contact lens cleaner also plays an important role in safeguarding our eye health. When we use contact lens cleaner, we have to distinguish different types of contact lens solution for different kinds of contact lens, such as soft and RGB contact lens. Use the very contact lens cleaner and eye drops that eye doctors suggest. And never mix different contact lens cleaner or drops. In addition, don’t use the contact lens cleaner that has expired.

Online discount contact lens

January 29th, 2010

As the name suggests, discount lens is relatively cheaper than ordinary lens. Currently, more than one hundred and twenty five million people wear contact lenses, colored or non-colored. With the expanding market, discount contact lens appears. Discount lenses are usually available online. Statistics show that you can save up to 30% by buying discount contact lenses online.

The most important issue of online buying of discount contact lens is the authentification of the website. Any authorized discount lens dealer will double check the accuracy of your prescription, rather then just your credit card number. Some providers may allow you to order discount contact lenses without a prescription. Never trust these websites.

The prescription of discount lens is critical. According to the laws, contact lenses must be sold with a description. So if you are not able to provide a signed, dated copy of your contact lenses description, the website must not continue to process your order for discount lenses. It should contact your optician for exact prescription. The prescription of discount lenses should contain contact lens related information in addition to general spectacle items. It is better to specify the brand of discount lens for which you have been fitted as well as the size and strength of the lenses. Many contact lens prescriptions expire after one or two years. So keep it updated.

Established in 1996, is an exclusive discount lens supplier. It sells all major brands and styles of discount contact lens including Acuvue, Focus, Freshlook, Durasoft etc… The website also lists the popular discount lenses and states exact prices.

Boston contact lenses

January 28th, 2010

Boston contact lenses are very popular with people worldwide, especially for gas permeable (GP) lenses, which can allow your eyes to breathe while offering a clear vision and durable lens. So the innovation of GP Boston contact lenses takes the place of soft contact lenses and older and uncomfortable hard contact lenses. It is customer-specific that GP Boston contact lenses are made by an array of base designs and precision prescriptions to satisfy different needs of customers. The following will introduce several popular styles of GP Boston contact lenses.

Boston II contact lenses are a style of GP Boston contact lenses with the merits of durable but economical for vision correction. The lens stays fresh owing to patented, ultra-smooth, non-stick surface which are dirt and debris-resistant.  For people with sensitive eyes, dry eyes, or astigmatism or having difficulty in wearing soft lenses or eyeglasses, Boston II contact lenses will be an excellent choice.

Boston ES contact lenses are specially made for daily users. It provides a high level of comforts since it can reduce eye strains caused by long time wearing. More important, with AERCOR lens architecture, the comforts Boston ES contact lenses can offer can not be surpassed by any other lenses.

Boston Envision contact lenses are perfect choice for astigmatic patients and can also help correct other eye disorders. The unique back surface design and customer-specific lenses are able to give people the utmost comforts. Moreover, the optimal clarity can be improved by a wide optic zone supplied by Boston Envision contact lenses.

Brief introduction of CIBA Vision

January 15th, 2010

CIBA Vision is the world’s leader in the researching, development and manufacturing of all types of innovative contact lenses, related are products and ophthalmic surgical products. The parent company of CIBA Vision, Novartis, is a Switzerland-based company, which engages in the research and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products for human health and animal health. CIBAVision itself is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA.

CIBA Vision was founded in 1980 by CIBA –Geigy in an effort to diversify its business. After the merging of CIBA –Geigy and Sandoz in 1996, Novartis was created. Since then CIBA Vision became the eye care unit of Novartis. Through years of innovation in materials and formulations, CIBA Vision invented a couple of new brands of contact lenses such AIR OPTIX, Night & Day and Dalies. These products are unique and innovative in the industry of contact lenses. The branded “FreshLook” of CIBA Vision is the global leader in the market of color contact lenses. CIBA Vision color contacts offer a wide array of colors, modalities and styles, enhance the wearer’s eyes for cosmetic purpose. CIBAVision also take leading role in the area of les care market by providing the market with unique solution of independent brand names.

The ultimate target of CIBAVision is to provide safe and affordable alternate for people’s vision correction, improve people’s livelihood, making people more beautiful by offering wide selections of eye care products.