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Do Not Stare at the Computer for a Long Time While Wearing Contact Lenses

April 7th, 2011

With contact lenses we can do sports freely and see things clearly, but we should not stare at the computer for a long time. Most of the contact lenses wearers will feel dry in the eyes or have other uncomfortable feelings after facing the computer screen for a long time. This is because they don’t blink eyes frequently. Currently, the commonly used contact lenses are made from high polymer material, so their oxygen permeability is not so good, which prevents the eyes from breathing oxygen to some extent and thus causes the cornea anoxygenous. Besides, the long time staring at computer makes the eyes under high pressure. The normal people blink more than 20 times every minute; while people who wear contact lenses sitting in front of computer blink only 4 to 5 times per minute.

What’s worse, almost all contact lenses will gradually decompose and degenerate under the radiation from the computer. Some of these decomposed micromolecule will reach the crystalline lens through lymph circulation and then combine with the repaired tissue of the crystalline lens, so that to form new polymer. A small amount of polymer will be discharged from the inner part of eyeball to its surface and finally be discharged in the form of gum. However, when the polymer is too much the dust and debris in the eyes will accumulate in the crystalline lens, thus gradually develops into cataract.

Therefore, for myopic people who have to face the computer for a long period everyday, they had better wear framed glasses. If they must wear contact lenses, they should pay attention to the rest of their eyes. For instance, look into the distance after one hour staring at the computer; not rub the eyes but wet them by using the eye drops that don’t contain preservatives when they feel dry in their eyes; take off the contact lenses to leave sufficient time for their eyes to discharge wastes during having rest; and wash hands before taking off their contact lenses when they are going to bed. Moreover, do replace the contact lenses once their service life is exceeded.

What Should Contact Lenses Wearers Notice While Camping

March 29th, 2011

Many myopic fans of outdoor activities would love to wear contact lenses in the open air, but do you know contact lenses have two enemies, namely cold and dirty. But here are some tips to cope with them.

As we usually contact some dirty things outdoors, if there are dirt or other such small particles between the contact lens and the eyeball our eyes will be painful while they are rolling because of friction which will even lead to permanent eye diseases. Therefore, please make sure your finger is clean when you indeed have to touch your eyeball or take off the contact lenses. If it is impossible to wash your hands with soap, you should at least rinse your fingers that are about to contact your eyes with the water you take with. If there is no water, it is better to wash your finger with the contact lens solution than to contact your eyes directly.

In order to avoid the contact lenses from losing during taking on and off while you are camping, the best solution is to take on and off your contact lenses with your elbow supporting on the damproof pad or sleeping bag. In this way you can easily find your contact lenses even if they fall down the damproof pad or sleep bag by accident. What’s more, they will be much cleaner than falling down on the ground.

Do remember to take a bottle of solution with you while preparing your travel bag before setting out. If you forget to bring it carelessly, you can put the boiled water into a clean vessel, and then use it instead of contact lens solution after it is cooled.

If you intend to stay outdoors for a long time you must take a pair of framed glasses with you, otherwise you will get troubled once your contact lenses are lost. Additionally, OSA points out that long-time wearing of contact lenses is harmful to the eye health, so it is better to wear framed glasses while camping.

History of CIBA vision night & day

August 19th, 2010

In early times, contact lenses can only be worn in the day time and people have to pick them off at night. Later, there are nigh and day contacts sold at the market. People with night and day contacts need not to handle them every day, for these lenses can be worn at night as well. Several decades have passed since the first night and day contacts appeared. And with the development of rapid technologies, great progress has been made in the manufacturing of night and day contacts. Of which, various categories of night and day contacts sold in the market are typical examples. Among all the night and day contacts, CIBA vision night & day are very outstanding.

The year 1980 was very important for CIBA vision night & day. It was the day when Ciba-Geigy began to step into contacts field and CIBA Vision was established. In 1997, the first CIBA vision night & day contacts had been put into market in Mexico. Later, in 1999, CIBA vision night & day were certificated by the EU selling at the European market. The two events had paved the way for the rapid growth of CIBA Vision, which speeded up the steps developing CIBA vision night & day.

Typically, the permission of EU to wear these contacts for 30 days represented that the manufacturing of CIBA vision night & day had stepped into an upsurge stage. The year 2001 was typically remarkable for CIBA Vision, for the CIBA vision night & day had been certificated by FDA. That meant consumers can wear CIBA vision night & day without worrying any safety problems.

In the following decade, some more series of CIBA vision night & day had been put into the market. Such as, the focus series and O2 OPTIXT were very classic members in the family of CIBA vision night & day.

Nowadays, CIBA vision night & day are very mature products in the market, and are popular among wearers from all walks of life.

Freshlook Colors to Color Eyes and Freshlook Radiance to Sparkle

August 10th, 2010

Whenever you see blue eyes in films, you may always think: Wow, beautiful eyes, if only I had such attractive eyes. Good news comes for those beauty conscious people with black eyes from Freshlook Colors. Freshlook Colors Contacts provide a realistic color changes. Whichever color you choose, you’ll notice immediately that they look as good as they feel. Four colors are popular: Blue, Green, Hazel and Violet.

Blue Freshlook Colors are highly recommendable for make-up of shear tawny eye shadow, barely bronze lipstick and soft eyeliner and black mascara.

Green Freshlook Colors are appropriate to use with rich, earthy brown shadows, chocolate brown eyeliner and soft sienna or misty rose for lips.

Hazel Freshlook Colors are suitable for those who already have hazel eyes and want to enhance their existing eye color. They will make your drab hazel eyes brighter and make you stand out.

Violet Freshlook Colors are great for night clubbing, raves and music festivals. They will enchant you in the crowd.

For those who think their eyes are not bright enough and want to brighten them, Freshlook Radiance is the best choice. Freshlook Radiance illuminates and brightens natural eye color in four different effects. Freshlook Radiance “Moonlight” adds a silver shimmer; Freshlook Radiance “Eden” provides a glimmer of green; Freshlook Radiance “Autumn” gives eyes a bronzy shine, and finally, Freshlook Radiance “Sunrise” adds a sparkle of gold. As long as you match Freshlook Radiance with right skin tone and hair color, you will be outstanding among the bleak colors eyes.

All in all, Freshlook Colors will satisfy your requirements for color eyes, and Freshlook Radiance to lighten your dark eyes.

Criteria of Night & Day contact lenses

July 25th, 2010

Night & day contacts lenses have now been accepted by many consumers. However, the emergence of night day contact lenses does not come into being till recent years. Because, different from traditional lenses, night & day contact lenses are much difficult to produce. As for any manufacturers, they have to overcome some difficulties in producing night & day contact lenses. Following are some common items that are needed to be noticed when making night day contact lenses.

The problem of security should be put into first consideration when making night & day contact lenses. As it is known that night day contact lenses will stay in the eyes all-day-long, the safety of these products are of vital importance. And this is the overriding aspect when people decide to purchase them. Some special biomaterials have been invented and the problem of safety has been solved. Especially, some night & day contact lenses have won the approval of FDA, which is an authorized institution for safety appraisal.

All the night & day contact lenses should make the eyes of wearers always wet. In most cases, wearers find they are suffering from very serious eye dryness. One of the most important problems that night day contact lenses should solve is combating dryness. Because night day contact lenses will be worn during the night time, they must have high level of moisture. Only sufficient moisture can ascertain the eyes are always comfortable.

All the night & day contact lenses should let oxygen go through them. Oxygen is very important for the metabolism of eyes. Many designers of night & day contact lenses have used to try all their best to produce lenses with such functions. Now, some lenses are very typical, such as CIBA night vision night day contacts lenses, etc.

All the night & day contact lenses should resist eye allergy. Many people have very sensitive eyes, and they do not want to handle the lenses every day. Therefore, night day contact lenses are ideal choices. However, the lenses should first combat allergy itself. Of course, as for this problem, some night & day contact lenses, made from special materials, have been put into the market, so as to cater for people’s needs.

Channels to purchase Acuvue contacts

March 24th, 2010

It is known that Acuvue contact is one of the best products in soft lenses family. Based on the huge distribution of Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue contacts have made their presence almost everywhere all over the world. It is said that products produced by Johnson & Johnson can be bought by consumers over 175 countries now, so are Acuvue contacts. Some consumers may wonder through which ways they can buy Acuvue contacts. In fact, Acuvue contact can be bought in various ways. Some main channels are to be presented subsequently.

Acuvue contact can be purchased in some retail stores. In most retail stores, Acuvue contacts have been sold similar to retailing goods, for such way can attract some regular consumers in passing. This can provide lots of convenience for many people.

Acuvue contact can be bought in Acuvue stores. For the powerful strength of Johnson & Johnson, all Acuvue stores are equipped with all-round services. Some individual eye examinations will be taken if one decides to prescribe Acuvue contact. These top opticians will suggest consumers the dos and don’ts in wearing Acuvue contacts. Some specific guidance will also be presented on the maintenance of Acuvue contact.

Acuvue contact can be got online. For the rapid development of internet technologies, Acuvue contacts are being sold online by many dealers. Consumers can choose almost every series of Acuvue contacts by seeing their pictures and reading their related information. The advantage of online sale is that consumers in each corner of the world can enjoy the same services. Sometimes, consumers can enjoy discount in buying Acuvue contacts. Especially, consumers are welcomed to give any sort of feedbacks and suggestions on the quality of Acuvue contact and the service of these companies.

Generally, any of the above mentioned channels can help consumers get Acuvue contact as they hope, though there are some differences in arrival time.

Major types of CIBA contact lenses

March 21st, 2010

CIBA contact lenses are the products of CIBA Vision Corp with headquarter in Atlanta GA. Presently CIBA contact lenses have been selling to more than 70 countries in the world, and CIBA Vision offer to the consumers more lens choices than any other suppliers in the industry. CIBA contact lens strives to bring conveniences, comforts, quality, affordability and best possible performance to the consumers.

CIBA contact lens includes some unique types with different features to meet specific needs for different people. The most famous is the branded Air Optix CIBA contact lenses are breathable lenses delivering oxygen and moisture for best comforts. This is the latest CIBA contact lenses products made of silicone hydrogel which give the wearers natural feeling all day. “Night & Day” CIBA contact lenses are another exceptional type which allow the wearers to wear continuously for up to 30 days without removing even at night. This greatly frees the wearers from hassles of using regular CIBA contact lens. “Night & day” is the first lens that was approved by FDA for wearing extended time. “Dalies” CIBA contact lenses are opposite to “Night & Day” which satisfy the needs of those busy people, or those teenagers who are active in sports. This kind of CIBA contact lens offers the clearest possible vision to the people in the most hygienic way.

CIBA contact lens is also the pioneer of color contact lenses both in prescription and plano. This type of lens helps enhance the wearer’s appearance. Esthetic features of CIBA contact lenses are becoming another major consideration.

Traits of multifocal contact lenses

March 17th, 2010

When you reach the age of 40, you may get the problem of presbyopia which makes you unable to focus on the close objects. Even though the reading glasses can correct your vision, you do not like the conveniences and loss of aesthetics. Now, you are lucky to have the option of multifocal contact lenses which are characterized with no glasses while have excellent near, distance and in between vision.

Multifocal contact lenses are available in both soft and rigid gas permeable (RGP) lens materials. Soft multifocal contacts are suitable for part-time wear but not for overnight because long time wearing will cause the xerophthalmia, anoxia and other eye diseases. RGP multifocal contacts require more adaptation for their rigid nature, while providing a shaper and crisper vision. Furthermore, the RGP multifocal contact lens remains in the best position in your eyes and is more comfortable. Hybrid multifocal contact lenses are the exciting alternative of the soft and rigid ones both, which have the RGP center and soft periphery, making it easier to adapt.

There are two main types of multifocal contact lenses: simultaneous and translating ones.

Simultaneous multifocal contact lenses have a gradual power change in the lens which allows a near and distant vision. But this kind of multifocal contacts can be difficult to get accustomed to because your brain has to be selective in processing about which area should be emphasized. Aspheric lens is the common design example of this kind which requires a complicated manufacture.

Translating multifocal contact lenses work the same way as the standard bifocal glasses which have a distinct power area. The top part is used to see far away, and the bottom part for close watching. When you look straight ahead, you are looking through the distance portion, and when you look down, you rely on the lower lid. However, this kind of multifocal contact lens is not proper for the computer user or other intermediate-range vision work. They are best-suited for the driving and reading users for the two distinct powers.

Compared with the traditional reading glasses, multifocal contact lens provides the middle-aged and older people with a new lifestyle. You need not to change the glasses in order to see the near and far objects clear at the same time, one invisible lens is enough for your daily use and keep you active again.

Color contact lenses

March 16th, 2010

Since everybody wants to have beautiful bright eyes, color contact lenses become hot. A contact lens on the cornea of the eye can be corrective, cosmetic and therapeutic. Color contact lens furnishes you with good and different looking. Color contact lenses may also help in changing the color of your eyes. If you have brown eyes but wish to have blue or green eyes to match your dress or shirt, color contact lenses are the best choice. It makes fun at a relatively low cost.

Three types of color contact lens are available: visibility tints, enhancement tints and opaque color tints. Visibility tints include blue and green that are added to a lens. These tints are light and never change your eye color. Enhancement tints on color contact lens are solid but translucent. They are a little darker than visibility tints thus suitable for people who want to intensify their eye colors. Color tints on color contact lenses are darker and capable of completely eye color changing. They are ideal for people with dark eyes. Green, blue, violet and gray of color contact lenses are available.

It’s not recommended to wear color contact lens on a regular basis for an extensive period. Since the colored portion of contact lens may slide over the pupil, color contact lens is to some degree dangerous. You should not share color contact lenses with your friends just for fun. Each pair of color contact lenses is a medical device and fits the only individual for exclusive use.

Under the US law, a prescription is needed when you buy color contact lens. You should also try on the color contact lenses before order.

Consumers’ feedbacks on Acuvue contact lenses

March 15th, 2010

Acuvue is one of the oldest members in the soft contact family. The year 1986 is very important for Acuvue; for it is the year that Acuvue lenses came into being. Later, Acuvue has become one of the best selling products of Johnson & Johnson Company. For its guaranteed quality, consumers are very adoring for Acuve lenses. Following are some feedbacks from consumers of Acuve lenses.

Some people think Acuvue can always make their eyes comfortable. Some people have worn other contacts for many years, and they do not want to try on any sort of soft contacts. However, when they find Acuvue, they have changed their minds. Some of them even do not want to wear their original lenses. It will never cause any itch or redness to insert Acuvue onto the eyes. So they can enjoy the great comfort of wearing Acuvue lenses.

Some people say they love to wear Acuvue moist. Because for those who suffered from dryness, Acuvue moist is an ideal bet. Generally, people can seldom find a lens that works with their eyes. For the sake of eye structure, eyes are prone to be dry. However, these regular wearers of Acuvue moist find that they can wear these lenses day and night without removing them at night. When they open their eyes in the morning, they can look at things around very clearly with sufficient moisture.

Some people with very serious presbyopia are very arduous for Acuvue bifocal. Some of them say they could not find any contacts that can really solve the vision problems caused by presbyopia. And it is a great surprise for them to find Acuvue bifocal, which has completely solved these problems. Now, with Acuvue bifocal, they can see things both far or near, up or down, very clearly.

In the minds of consumers, Acuvue lenses are their regretless alternatives forever.