Classic Sunglasses Make You to Be Dazzled

January 11th, 2011 by Richard Schneider Leave a reply »

Sunglasses are unique for the rich and famous as a symbol of elegance and fashion in 70s and 80s last century. Recently, Porsche brings the latest series of “Heritage Collection” level of classic aviator sunglasses to commemorate colorful history of this period. With many years’ experience of producing glasses, the Porsche sunglasses also have innovation s in both technology and design. Their corrosion-resistant titanium frame, anti-reflective coating and lightweight polycarbonate lenses make them competitive in the market.

When mentioned classic sunglasses, we can’t forget the oversized sunglasses, which are from the 60s and 70s last century. With the large sized glasses covered half of the face, Audrey Hepburn stunned the world. Since then, odd flamboyant fashion sunglasses has become classic and swept the globe. Later, these aviator sunglasses have become gradually popular around the world.

Each year, there are the latest eye glasses that designed by different designers. In 2010, YVES SAINT LAURENT launched a new series of glasses, including the defined and elegant men’s and women’s sunglasses. The new designs are incorporated into modern and classic elements. Of them, there is a typical pair of men aviator sunglasses. With exquisite color combinations and ultra-fine metal sculpture in the mirror leg, the sunglasses show graceful temperament.

And that was not all. There are still other styles of classic sunglasses. “ORIGINAL” will also offer the latest sunglasses in the new season. But they still have the continuation of retro style in large size, thick acetate frame. And there are only 400 pairs throughout the globe. Once you have walked into the eyeglasses market, you will feel dazzled by more classic sunglasses. What I have mentioned is just tip of the iceberg.


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