Bifocal Sunglasses – The Best Alternatives in summer

April 10th, 2010 by Stephen Simon Leave a reply »

Multi-focal lenses have gained their new momentum since this new century. In particular, when it comes to summer, multi-focal sunglasses, also called varifocal sunglasses, are really very in. Those sunglasses can not only make people cool to look at, they also have very special functions and features. Here is an instruction about one of such unique sunglasses- bifocal sunglasses.

There are a lot of members in the family bifocal sunglasses. Of which, bifocal sport sunglasses are really very outstanding. Those sunglasses are mainly used for sport use. So, they are very popular among athletes and fans. They can ensure two things- wearers’ eyes will never be damaged by sun lights; wearers perfect very nice in the activities. Here are two very typical examples.

The first should doubtless be bifocal sunglasses polarized, for they are really multi-functional. Then, how to explain this? Because those sunglasses are polarized, they can ensure that wearers’ eyes will never be injured by glares. Those sunglasses are some of the best alternatives for people who often work surrounded by glares. For example, if people love to read under sun light, they can wear them; if they often go fishing, those sunglasses can help filter out harmful glares reflected by water. Still, they can be used for driving, skiing, etc.

The second is sunglasses for professional use- bifocal sunglasses for golf. Like other sunglasses for sports, those sunglasses are specially made for athletes and fans of golf. This is because the designs of them are based on the related environment and the tools. For example, those special sunglasses can filter out glares reflected by pools; can weaken the influence of grassland; can highlight the colors of the golf balls, etc. Therefore, they are idea alternatives for golf sports, but not good for other activities.

In addition, people should be very careful about the prescription of bifocal sunglasses. The reason is very simple- all bifocals should be meticulously prescribed, due to their own characteristics; all functions wearers need should be embodied in the sunglasses; all fashionable elements can be added in prescribing process, etc.

All in all, bifocal sunglasses are really good friends for people who want to enjoy comfortable and nice summer.


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