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Aging Vision Problems and Solutions

November 17th, 2009

As we know, for aging people, they usually put the books or photos at their arm’s length when reading and watching, but at regular distance, they cannot see. Maybe you think it is a strange phenomenon. Actually, it is caused by an eyesight problem named presbyopia. It is researched when people are at the age of 40 they are likely to be bothered by presbyopia. There are several solutions to deal with this eyesight problem, and wearing reading glasses is the most widely used way for people worldwide. The following will give an introduction about presbyopia and reading glasses.

It is known that presbyopia is mainly caused by the aging. That is because in our eyes, there is a circular muscle, which enables us to see things at different distances by changing shape, expanding and contracting the focusing power. When we are young, this muscle is very flexible. And when we are getting old, this muscle loses the flexibility day by day. So the power to focus is not strong any more. As a result, we can not focus on the things near us, but in a certain distance.

For the solutions to deal with presbyopia, nowadays there are mainly the following three means. First, surgery, like Lasik, which involves the reshaping your cornea, but some patients still need to wear reading glasses after surgery. And the frustrating point is for some people, they may still need to wear reading glasses after surgery. Second solution is lens implant. But for this, people may suffer more serious risks, like inflammation, inflection, glaucoma and bleeding. So people should be careful to take this measure. And for most people, they prefer wearing reading glasses. Reading glass can help you away from the pain of surgery and risks from lens implant. Just wearing a pair of reading glasses can do it.

Is it difficult to select reading glasses? You may want to raise this question. Don’t worry! It is very easy. And even if you don’t have a prescription, you can also select your reading glasses. If you want to purchase high quality but lower price pair of reading glasses, it is recommended to try some online shops. They usually have a full range of glasses with lower price and better service. But for reading glasses wearer, it is better to consult your eye doctor at a regular time, as we need to test if we have other serious eye sight problem in time, or listen to our eye doctor’s advice.