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As the name implies, unbreakable glasses are break-resistant, durable and can be twisted. Besides, those eyeglasses can also be made according to your vision requirement. From the vision perspective, the most important part of a pair of eyeglasses is definitely the lenses, but the frames are important, too. So, when it comes to a pair of unbreakable glasses, we need to know the unbreakable glasses frame and unbreakable lenses. While they are often sold together, it sometimes makes sense to take them into separately consideration.

When it comes to unbreakable glasses frames, frame material is important because various materials perform differently. Some are light, and some are heavy; some flex while others break and some corrode or weaken over time. Some metals used in eyeglasses frames can also cause allergic reactions in some people. So choosing the right material can be a matter of personal health. Regarding to unbreakable glasses, the frame materials should be titanium/memory metal. They are lightweight, durable, bendable and flexible and corrosion resistant. So many people would choose titanium or memory metal frames.

When referring to unbreakable lenses, polycarbonate lenses are best choice. Polycarbonate is a moldable, durable, and inexpensive from of plastic. Polycarbonate lenses have significant benefits over the forms of lenses on the market. In addition to their excellent impact resistance, polycarbonate glasses are up to 40% thinner and one-third lighter than standard plastic lenses. These properties make polycarbonate glasses ideal for people with high prescriptions. Polycarbonate glasses, however, are not perfect. As a result of their ability to absorb impact, the lenses are soft and therefore more susceptible to scratches. To compensate for this, scratch-resistant coatings have been developed and can be added to polycarbonate glasses to provide added durability. All safety eye wear is made from polycarbonate material as it provides the best impact resistance of any eyeglass materials available. Polycarbonate glasses are 10 times more resistant to breakage than plastic lenses. Lenses made of polycarbonate are unbreakable glasses for kids witch is highly recommended due to this safety benefit. Additionally, polycarbonate blocks 99% of UV light. This ability is an important feature, especially for children and individuals who work outdoors, as UV light is known to contribute to the development of cataracts.


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