About Full frame glasses

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Full frame glasses implies glasses where the lenses completely encapsulated or surrounded by a metal, plastic or polycarbonate frame. This helps in protecting the lenses, while the manufactures use the rim to display flamboyant designs and unorthodox shades of colour. Though considered a little heavier than the other two, fully rimmed glasses are the preferred choice for those who want to put on a trendy look and are willing to experiment with colours. This is why, full frame glasses are such a hot favourite among the college going users.

Full frame glasses are actually great for everyone. Both kids and adults can use them, plus they fit into a variety of lifestyles. You should get full frame glasses if you like the classic full bodied look and want to accentuate the appearance of your eyeglasses and like flaunting it. Moreover, if you need larger corrective lenses, full frame glasses are also a best choice, because most half frame or rimless glasses cannot hold as thick lenses as full frame glasses can, by virtue of extra support. Full frame glasses are also suitable for the people who do not want to worry too much about maintenance.

Full frame glasses can be made from a wide range of materials such as metals, plastics and so on. This category of frame offers the largest choice, and you’ll find everything from the oversized style to more minimalist approaches. When it comes to the shape of your frame, you’re spoiled for choice. As well as reflecting your personal taste, the shape should match your lifestyle and activities. Moreover, the most important guideline is that your frame should be contrast to your face shape.


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