8 Most Important Glasses Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers

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There are many makeup tips for eyeglasses wearers on internet. But it is hard to find all grouped together. Make up with glasses could be tricky. Here are 8 most important make up tips for glasses wearers. Are you ready to take a look?
Pic Via Vanessa Evanzs

Pic From weheartit.com

1, Add Colors for Your Lips

Pic Via @brigidaferracini

Pic From @brigidaferracini

One of the top makeup tips for eyeglasses wearers  is to add those bright colors for your lips! It’ll make all of the difference ladies!

2, More Mascara

Pic From @stellacini

Pic From @stellacini

Don’t be afraid of using mascara. Instead, coating your lashes in at least two coats of mascara can really make your eyes stand out beautifully! Also, eyelash curler will avoid your lashes from getting touched by the lens. Another choice is to order a pair of oversized frames.

3, Adjust Your Eyeliner to Your Frames

Pic Via stefanie.sauter

Pic From stefanie.sauter

Thin Frames, thin eyeliner. Thick Frames, thick eyeliner. This tiny makeup tip for eyeglass wearers is a secret, please make sure your eyeliner compliments your frames!

4, Simple Eyeshadow

Source From @emggunns

Pic From @emggunns

Choose  a  light base color eye shadow  for the entire lid. Don’t let your eyes lose get lost beneath your frame. The shadow of the frame is enough.

5, Brighten up your under Eyes

Pic From@_maddysandarsmua_

Pic From@_maddysandarsmua_

Use a  little shimmering eyeshadow on your under eye lid,  make your eyes shinny when smiling!

6, Don’t Miss the Blush

Pic Via @christianametrakos

Pic Via @christianametrakos

Add a bit of color to your face and glow with pink along the apples of your cheeks.

7, Shape Your Brows

Pic Via @emilydianephilpott

Pic Via @emilydianephilpott

When you wear eyeglasses, you want to make sure that you are shaping your eyebrow to your frame.

8, Pay Attention To Your Nose

Source From everydayhealth.com

Pic From everydayhealth.com

The nose pads on the glasses can  rub off your makeup. Especially if you have oil skin. The Best solution is to appy makeup spray on your nose before fundation.

Basically, these are the 8 most important make up tips for glasses wearer. Do you have other tips. Comment below and let us know!


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