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Four Aspects You Should Notice When Choosing Swimming Goggles

April 13th, 2011

Swimming goggles can not only protect your eyes from being damaged by the substance in water but also provide you a good visual field under water, enabling you to swim freely. However, improper choose or incorrect use of swimming goggles cannot protect but damage your eyes. So it is necessary to take all aspects into consideration while selecting swimming goggles.

1.      Optical performance and medical standard

As the refractive index of water is different from that of air, if the surface of the swimming goggles is uneven it is like wearing convex lens or concave lens, which will cause damages to your eyes over time, thus affects your vision. A pair of high quality lenses should meet the optical and medical standards, namely the lens degree above water is the same as that under water, the object seeing through them does not distort and the visual field is wide.

2.      Comfort

The swimming goggles shall be designed to conform to the principles of Ergonomics. Small swimming goggles are suitable for westerners as their eye sockets are sunken and the goggles are right embodied in their eyes. Big framed swimming goggles are the better choice for easterners because their faces are usually flatter.

3. Antifogging performance

The water around the swimming goggle is colder, so the air inside the swimming goggles is likely to condense into water on its inner wall, thus fogging which will prevent you from seeing things clearly. For this reason, it is significant for the swimming goggles to have the antifogging performance.

3.      Appearance and package

With the upgrading of people’s taste and the spring up of personal style, the swimming goggles are not used only for protecting eyes any more but for meeting the requirements of fashion and beauty. Different people should wear different styles of swimming goggles in different occasions. The shape of swimming goggle should be designed according to the fluid mechanics so as to reduce the resistance in water. In addition, stylish appearance should also be integrated properly. As for colors, black, blue, silver and yellow are better.

If you want to choose a proper pair of swimming goggles you should take the above four aspects into consideration while selecting. Have you remembered them?

Be Cautious When Selecting Prescription Swimming Goggles

March 7th, 2011

The emergence of prescription sports glasses is a good news for the myopia sports fans. Prescription sport glasses have the functions that the common prescription glasses own and their surfaces are made from impact resistant PC material, so that the myopic people can enjoy the fun brought by sports activities. Prescription swimming goggle is one kind of prescription sports glasses.

In recent days, the prescription swimming goggles have attracted many people who have suffered from myopia but love doing sports. However, the right and left lenses of such glasses have the same degrees and cannot be customized. Therefore, the experts suggest that we should be cautious when selecting prescription swimming goggles to maintain the health of our eyes.

It is learned that the prescription swimming goggles available on the market are all finished products of which the lenses cannot be removed or replaced, let alone be customized. “There are many people consulting and having the intention of purchasing” said by a seller in a pro shop, “but as the right and left degrees are the same, some customers cannot choose a proper pair because their degrees are quite different in the right and left eyes.” A journalist asked if he could choose to customize the lenses as there was 100 degrees difference between his right and left eyes. The staff told him that all of these sports glasses were finished products and couldn’t be customized. Moreover, he even said there would not be so much impact as long as the difference of the degrees was not significant since we seldom wear them.

In fact, it is not advocated to sell finished sports glasses essentially. The customers should be cautious when purchasing such glasses for the sake of eye health. If you have to buy prescription swimming goggles, do remember that the degrees of the two lenses should be the same as far as possible. There is reflection in water, hence the customers should reduce the degrees of the lenses to such an extent that the degree difference is within 50 while selecting a pair of prescription swimming goggles. If you have astigmatism, it is also necessary to add your astigmatism degrees with your prescription degrees.

Generations of night vision goggles

May 6th, 2010

Night vision goggles are the collective name for the optical devices in the form of wearable glasses, goggles, binoculars as well as telescopes, for the purpose of seeing objects in the darkness. Night vision goggles are widely used by armed forces, rescue teams, property security, local law-enforcement and even for fun by hobbyists.

Night vision goggles can be categorized as active and passive systems. The active night vision goggles cast infrared light to an area enabling the wearer see the objects in that area at night. The passive night vision goggles gathers the very dim light from nearby and amplify the image signals via electronic systems so that the viewers can identify things from the screen.

It is believed that there are 4 generations of night vision goggle till now. The first generation is called generation 0, which are the active infrared goggles. These night vision goggles were first used by US Army in WWII. Later Germany developed the same night vision goggles which were outfitted in Nazi forces. As these active night vision goggles can be easily seen by enemies, they were gradually phased out in the Vietnam War.

Gen 1 is the first ever passive type of night vision goggle, which were first used in the battle field of Vietnam War. By adapting old technology and using new intensifier with light amplification of 1000x. Gen 1 gets rid of the active infrared, but still need pretty strong moonlight to aid to see the objects. Gen 2 night vision goggle further use new technology such as micro-channel plate to achieve much clearer image resolution even in pitch darkness. The light amplification reached 20000x. Gen3 even further increase the visibility, image resolution and image reliability, and achieved 30000-50000x light amplification.

One sub-model from Gen 3 worth mentioning is Omnibus-VII. Night vision goggles in Omnibus-VII use the new out-gating technology enabling the night vision goggle change as fast as light changes, and can retain the stable visibility even when being exposed to very bright light at a sudden.

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Goggles for eye protection

March 24th, 2010

According to the report of Prevent Blindness America (PBA), there are more than 850,000 eye injuries in America annually. Obviously, eye protection can not be overlooked and has become a worldwide common issue. Regardless of eye safety, people may suffer a big regret for your lifetime as result of a little carelessness. For eye protection, there are several ways among which wearing goggles is an effective way for eye safety.

Our eye protection is more guaranteed since goggles must be in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Eye protection glasses are manufactured in strict quality control and tested for certified professionals to ensure they have certain function to protect eye safety.

When doing some indoor work or using powerful tools, like hammering, overhead work, wearing goggles can help you to have a good eye safety since they can prevent outside harm obstacles like wood, metal pierce into the eye; For some sports, goggles are necessary for eye protection as it can prevent scratches from your opponents, water into the eye or any other factors may influence your vision. For researchers deal with chemical experiments, goggles play an important role in eye protection to prevent chemical splashes or laser reaching in the eye. When visiting some manufacturing factories, do not forget to wear goggles because it is essential for your eye safety.

In conclusion, eye protection is critical for us and can not be ignored. If necessary, please wear eye protection glasses according to the situation for our eye safety.

Good vision and safety from prescription goggles

January 30th, 2010

Also known as corrective goggles, prescription goggles refer to goggles with prescription lenses. Most of the traditional goggles are non-prescription goggles. They are just created for eye protection during sports. However, people with myopia can not get vision correction from non-prescription goggles. For these people, prescription goggle provides the proper solution.  Wearing prescription sports goggles during activities can get good vision as well as ensured safety.

Sports activities that require you to wear goggles always need 100% attention and clear vision, such as motorcycling and skiing. Prescription goggles allow people who need vision correction to safely perform acts, otherwise eye injuries may happen. Before invention of the prescription goggle, people must wear regular correction eyeglasses or contacts and goggles to achieve both the above purposes. In this ways, their eyeglasses may sometimes get misplaced. Prescription sports goggles just offer more convenient and effective solution. In addition, prescription goggles sharpen much of the clarity that can be lost between two separate lenses. While ensuring safety, these prescription sports goggles still offer clarity as normal correction eyeglasses.

By sports type, prescription goggles also have different categories, such as skiing prescription goggle, swimming prescription goggle, motorcycle prescription goggle, prescription shooting goggles and so on. All these activities require both clear vision for good performance and top priority safety. Among them, swimming prescription goggles are most widely used.

As mentioned before, not all prescription goggles are used for outdoor sports. But with the more intensifying harmful UV rays, prescription sports goggles are recommended to apply UV protection.

Wiley-X is one of the prescription goggles manufacturers.

Protective goggles glasses

January 25th, 2010

Also called goggles over glasses, goggles glasses are one type of protective glasses. Goggles glasses and goggles sunglasses are worn over our regular corrective glasses to provide glasses and eyes protection during sports. Since goggles glasses and goggles sunglasses are non-prescription glasses, they are designed to fit over most of the glasses and an average size face.

Goggles over glasses have a large frame that wraps around your eye area completely. The temples of goggles glasses and goggles sunglasses are connected by a strap, which is usually made of neoprene material. The strap holds well on your head and is comfortable. Goggles glasses have foam on the frame for a good fit, which is soft and keeps wind and dust out of your eyes.

Most goggles glasses come with shatterproof lenses. The lens is made of polycarbonate that keeps your eyes safe in any situation. These goggles over glasses lenses can provide full protection even if you fall off a motorcycle while riding.

Goggles glasses are useful during certain activities, such as riding a motorcycle and skiing. When you are taking part in these sports, your eyes need to be under special protection from dangers and mishaps. Goggles over glasses and goggles sunglasses can block flying objects like rocks and pebbles as well as insects. They usually use an anti-fog coating on the lenses in order to fight against fogging. Even if you fall down onto the court, goggles glasses will ensure your eye safety. They eliminate your worry while enjoying your sporty life.

How were night goggles invented?

December 16th, 2009

Night goggles are the optical instruments enabling people to see in the darkness. Before inventing night goggles, people knew that some creatures living and hunting at night can capture more light and see better than human does. People knew these animals have different eye structures, but physiologically scientists could not arm human with the same eye system as animals’, so scientists started to think about electricity.

Electricity is easy to be amplified. When the lenses of night goggles capture the light from vicinity, the electronic system in the night goggles turn the dim light into electronic signals, then amplify the signals to much greater scale, and finally turn the boosted signals into light image. This new clearer image can be seen by the user of night goggles on the small screen of the night goggle.

The principium of changing the dim light entering the lenses of night goggles to electronic signals is pretty similar to the principium of solar panel, but the for former is more precise and more sensitive.

The image we see finally on the night goggles screen is of green color. Actually when the light image is boosted in the night goggle, the colors are in black and white. The green color is intentionally added to the new image as human eyes are more sensitive to the green light, so viewers can see better in green. Also looking at green images makes viewers feel easier for extended long time viewing.

Night goggle is now used in military forces and civilian areas, people finally realized the dream of seeing objects even in the pitch darkness.

Electric goggles from Electric Visual

December 9th, 2009

Electric goggles are one of the main products from Electric Visual. Electric Visual has been one of the leaders in the eyewear industry. It provides Electric sunglasses and Electric goggles since 2000. However, Electric Visual has undergone a tortuous process during development. Its founders set the goal for the company as starting a visual evolution. Nevertheless, Electric Visual experienced numerous economical disasters including the burst of the stock market bubble, the EU’s conversion to the Euro followed by 9/11. All of these took place in the first 18 months of the company’s business. After nine years’ development, Electric Visual has turned into a giant in the industry. On the first page of, customers can find sunglasses, goggles, MX goggles, LTD series and soft goods. The website also introduces Electric Visual’s team and the media coverage about the company.

There are six models of Electric goggles: EG2, EG1, EG5, EG15, EG55 and EGK. The EG2 model Electric goggles have oversized spherical mold injected dual polycarbonate lenses, anti-reflective coating, 100% UV protection, super anti-fog coating and single adjustable strap. EG1 Electric goggles are made of cylindrical dual lenses and lightweight contoured frame. They also have ergonomically designed triple layer face foam and are helmet compatible. EG15 Electric goggles have scratch resistant hard coating and are available in polarized types. EG5 and EG55 Electric goggles have no particular features. The EGK Electric goggles are especially with single adjustable silicon strap. Electric also provides MX goggles, only in EG1 model.

Snowboard goggles—essential equipments for outdoor sportsmen

October 23rd, 2009

Snowboard goggles are some of the most important equipments for people who love snowboarding. Any outdoor sportsmen are suggested to wear snowboard goggles, for there are many unpredictable dangers and threats.

Like many other outdoor goggles, snowboard goggles can prevent any sort of harmful glares, UV-rays, etc. However, one feature that snowboard goggles have can rarely be found in other glasses. They are greatly scratchy-resistant. The snowboard sportsmen may be impeded by some tree branches or other objects. Such impediments may cause very strong external forces on snowboard goggles. Suppose these snowboard goggles are not so extraordinary in anti-scratching, how much the vision of wearers will be influenced. Hence, the designers of snowboard goggles have used some very special anti-scratchy materials to ensure these goggles will not be scratched even by very strong external forces.

In order to improve the visual clarity of wearers, the designers of snowboarding goggles have employed the best materials, the results of the latest technologies, in the making of lenses. Wearers of snowboarding goggles can enjoy almost the same visual comfort under different conditions. For snowboarding goggles can adjust themselves automatically according to the surrounding environments.

There are mainly two sorts of snowboard goggles in the market, viz. the flat and the spheric. The flat snowboard goggles are traditional ones, which are welcomed in the past few decades. While the spheric snowboard goggles are the results of the latest technologies. With powerful functions, snowboard goggles have ascertained that wearers can always enjoy the happiness and comfort brought by the latest technologies.

As for the wearers of snowboarding goggles, one thing should be noticed. While selecting the snowboard goggles, they should take the ones which will not pinch or make the wearer feel tight on the head.