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Colored Sunglasses in 2011

May 4th, 2011

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory especially in the hot summer. They make you stylish and offer you eye protection against harmful UV rays. There are a wide range of sunglasses with different colors and styles. In order to find the most suitable sunglasses, it is advisable to put your skin complexion and face shape into consideration while purchasing them. Don’t be afraid to mix colors and enjoy the summer.

There are a lot of options among colored sunglasses such as strong dark, red, orange, green and purple, etc. You can also mix different colors and prints to make a fashion statement. For example, black or white is your ideal color if you have black and dark brown hair. If you want to try colored sunglasses, you can try the red and the blue sunglasses. As for women who have light hair color, they may stick to blue, gray or red ones. When it comes to some bold colors, yellow or orange may be the interesting choices.

Paris HiltonAgyness Deyn

Paris Hilton                                                            Agyness Deyn

In fact, colored sunglasses can match different face shapes well. If you have the rectangular face, it is advisable to choose oversized sunglasses with colored frames that can decorate your face and draw attention from the length of your face. When it comes to sunglasses with temple details, these sunglasses will make people focus on the middle of the head. However, if your face is square, you’d better avoid small glasses. And beige or brown sunglasses are suitable for you instead of black sunglasses.

colored sunglasses

In this summer, colorful items are very popular such as shorts with floral prints, colorful sandals, etc. wearing denim shorts with colored sunglasses will make you stylish. Also, dresses with floral prints and colored sunglasses will change you look completely. It is said that turquoise is the hottest color this season, so you can wear a pair of turquoise sunglasses to match your floral dress.

If you are interested in the romantic style, you may wear colored sunglasses with simple shorts or dresses with floral prints and straw handbags. Drawing the inspiration from the retro style, you can wear a pair of red heart –shaped sunglasses to match a strapless tight dress and high-heeled sandals.

Plastic SunglassesPlastic Sunglasses

Mixed Materials SunglassesPlastic Sunglasses

Mixed Materials SunglassesPlastic Sunglasses

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Purple sunglasses and orange sunglasses

August 9th, 2010

Purple sunglasses and orange sunglasses are just two types of colored sunglasses. These unusually colored sunglasses are mostly designed for fashion, especially for women. They offer both UV protections as ordinary sunglasses and prevailing color enjoyment as a specialty. Purple sunglasses and orange sunglasses are both provided in various types and brands.

Purple sunglasses can be purple frame sunglasses and purple lens sunglasses as well as their combination. Like blue, green and violet sunglasses, purple sunglasses belong to the cool-colored type so that suit people with warm skin, hair and eyes.

Ray Ban Wayfare purple sunglasses have been long-existed. One recent style that resembles Wayfare purple is Dita. Dita purple sunglasses have varying shades of purple from their “lavendar crystal” materials. These sunglasses are manufactured with modern designs and have tiny logos. All of their frames are hand-made in Japan with the highest quality materials. Other brands also provide purple sunglasses, such as Electric, Anon, Smith etc…

Orange sunglasses are also available in orange frame sunglasses and orange lens sunglasses. These sunglasses are opposite to purple sunglasses in coloring. They fall into warm colors. Orange sunglasses with orange tints can heighten contrast in overcast, hazy, low-light conditions outdoors.

The brand Kirra offers several types of orange sunglasses, including Kirra Neon model and Kirra Retro Splatter model. The Retro Splatter orange sunglasses are made of orange frames and dark tint lenses.

Purple sunglasses and orange sunglasses have always been good accessories for fashionable women in summer.

Attractive red sunglasses

July 29th, 2010

Red sunglasses are sunglasses with red frame or red tinted lenses. People loving red is so pleased with those various type of red sunglasses in the market. Now nearly all kinds of red sunglasses are available from many brands. Red sunglasses can be in large frames and intermediate frames.

Red framed sunglasses usually go along with black tinted lenses. This effect is truly classic, because red and black has long been a classic match. The frame may be dark red, red or just pink, which create slightly differences. The other kind is sunglasses with red tinted lenses but the frame is not red colored. These lenses of red sunglasses can intensify contrast in partly cloudy and sunny days. Of course the red tint will never affect your clear vision.

Red sunglasses fall into the warm series of colored sunglasses and match well with warm skin, warm eyes and warm hair. So they are suitable for people with a warm coloring. In addition to their UV protection, red sunglasses have just become a fashion without much reason.

What do Lindsay Lohan and Sienna Miller have in common? They both wear the hot fashion of red sunglasses. It is true that red sunglasses are a fast growing trend within Hollywood. Movie stars wear these sunglasses both in movies and daily lives. As a result, red sunglasses have always been a big seller at most of the stores near Hollywood. The Ray Ban Wayfarer RB 2140 red sunglasses is just one of the most popular styles. Aviators also offer a variety of red sunglasses that loved by customers.

White sunglasses have been popular for many years

July 24th, 2010

When summer weather begins to heat up, summer attire and other accessories will follow. Sunglasses have been a major accessory which helps block harmful rays contained in sunlight. In addition to this functional help, sunshades mean a lot in terms of fashion enjoyment and appearance enhancement. Nowadays, sunwear manufacturers try to find any possible ways to design new sunglasses in innovative styles, colors and even shapes. In retrospect to the history of sunglasses, there have been some classic designs using different elements. White sunglasses are a historic style and now are sold by lots retailers as a form of retro sunglasses. Most of us may have heard of sunglasses in other colors, like orange, yellow, purple, rose, green, and so forth. Neglecting their differences, these products have greatly supported the diverse demands from customers.

But we should be clear that sunglasses in different colors have dramatic differences. In most cases, the colors refer to sunglass lenses. They are exactly called sunglass lens tints. Until now, possible lens tints include green, yellow, orange, amber, rose, brown, and gray. These tints applied to sunglass lenses can offer additional advantages in specific lighting conditions. However, some other colors can not be applied to sunwear lenses. This can be exemplified by white sunglasses. This prevailing style does not refer to sunglasses that have white lenses, but white frames. This color is not transparent and lenses in this color will not allow light to pass through. Making this point clear is really important. Sunglasses with a white frame can create a unique look for lots of people. It is completely feasible to paint the whole frame white and an alternate is to add another color, creating a two-tone effect.

White sunglasses have stayed in the top fashion world for many years. And lots of celebrities have used these sunshades. As early as in 1967, Audrey Hepburn used a pair of white sunshades in a huge size, which seem completely like the wrap-around sunglasses of recent years. The movie titled “Two for the Road” has witnessed her image with white sunwear. Another example is that Princess Diana was photographed with white sunshades in 1989. During the past decades, white sunwear has remained as one of the most popular design.

Yellow sunglasses in different forms

July 22nd, 2010

The summer weather makes the use of sunglasses a necessity for lots of people around the world. It is interesting but reasonable to group all sunglass users on this planet into two groups: those function-oriented and the others fashion-oriented. For the first group of wearers, it is fortunate that current lens technologies have make it easy for sunwear manufacturers to incorporate 100% UV protection in their products. For the second group, things sound a little difficult. This saying is based on the fact that the demands in fashion world are always endless. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the current sunwear market can satisfy most of the customers in terms of fashion enjoyment. Yellow sunglasses are one of the fashionable products in recent years. This color can be commonly seen in many products in other industries. And its application in the eyewear industry is quite innovative.

Both sunglass frames and sunglass lenses can be tinted. And yellow sunwear as a wide concept can be referred to different types of products. Painting the frame into yellow brings yellow frame sunglasses, and tinting the lenses into yellow gets the design of yellow lens sunglasses. Both of these two major forms can be named yellow sunglasses, for their similar effects. Yellow-framed sunglasses usually take use of lenses in other colors, such as brown and gray. The appearance brought by yellow frame sunwear is quite attractive. And even Bill Clinton can not resist them. The frame can be cat-eye, but-eye or oversized.

The color yellow applied to sunglass frames means only fashion enhancement. But it has an additional functional benefit when applied to sunglass lenses. As the other type of yellow sunglasses, yellow lens sunshades have been widely recommended by the media and eye doctors. The degree of UV protection offered by sunglasses is determined mainly by the lens material used. The lens darkness or color is not the decisive factor of UV protection. However, different lens tints have been traditionally used in sunglasses, with an expectation to achieve additional advantages. In particular, sports sunglasses with yellow lenses can heighten contrast in overcast, hazy, low-light conditions during outdoor or indoor sports. What’s more, they can offer sharper focus by filtering blue light.

Striped sunglasses from different brands

June 20th, 2010

Most people have seen colored sunglasses. Within a pair of sunglasses, both the lenses and the frame can be colored. The coloring on sunglass lenses is completely different from regular prescription eyeglass lenses which are normally crystal clear. Tints in various types have been widely applied to sunglass lenses, so as to gain additional advantages. Even if the lenses are the major part determining the overall appearance of sunwear, the frame also creates some ways to sunwear decoration. Traditional approaches include designing cat-eye frame, bug-eye frame and oversized frame. These different styles have been prevailing in different times. Yet a modern way is to coloring or tinting sunglass frames. Available products contain green sunglasses, yellow sunglasses, blue sunshades etc. Nowadays, there is an innovative way to decorate sunglass frames, and the exact result is striped sunglasses.

According to google dictionary, stripe means a long narrow line of color that is a different color from the areas next to it. The use of stripe in sunglass frames brings many more frame options. Compared with sunglass frames in a single color or two separate colors, striped sunglass frames seem more colorful and thus create a quite different look. In most cases, striped sunglasses use two different colors which can achieve a certain degree of contrast. For instance, black and white are two colors which are commonly used in striped sunwear. This typical style is available from Marc Jacobs, Sabre Hazard and Superb. In particular, Superb black and white striped sun glasses have black angular frames featuring diagonal white stripes in sections across the front.

In fact, striped sunglasses have become a common category of sunwear. They are widely available from various brands. The mentioned brands like Marc Jacobs, Sabre Hazard and Superb are just a small fraction. Some others include Bebe Kate, Arnette Wolfman, Tom Ford, Versace, Carrera Hot and so forth. Some models from these brands only apply the striped design to the front part of the frames. And some others have frames that are fully striped, including the temples.

Green sunglasses in different forms

June 19th, 2010

Currently, sunglasses made under different brand names are provided in various colors. Black is no longer the only or the mainstream color option. Popular eyewear colors include green, blue, orange and gray, just to name a few. Among all these models, green sunglasses are a particular one. When we discuss a pair of colored eyeglasses or sunglasses, the overall appearance is the focus. Green sunwear can refer to any pair of sunglasses that appear in green. And according to different aspects, we can say there are three forms of green sunwear: green frame type, green lens type and green mirrored type. Of course, these different types emphasize in different factors but they bring a similar eyewear effect or look. For customers who like green eyewear, any of these is ok.

Green frame sunglasses refer to sunwear products that are made of green frames. They are quite similar to prescription green eyeglasses, which can take use of pure green frames or mixed green frames. Like sunwear frames in other colors, green frame sunglasses can help customers create an unusual look and get satisfied with it. Green sunglasses of this type can be in either prescription or non prescription models. Since the lenses have no necessary link with the green frames, Rx or non-prescription lenses can either be fitted. It is worth mentioning that green prescription sunglasses are extremely popular because they provide enough UV protection, a stylish, green appearance and appropriate vision aid.

Green sunglasses also come in another two major forms, including green lens ones and green mirrored ones. Green lens sunglasses describe sunglass products which are made of green lenses. Individuals with certain experience of buying sunglasses will certain know that the current sunwear market offers lots of sunwear in colored lenses. This proves that dark, black lenses are not the sole solution to UV protection any longer. Those tinted or photochromic lenses can also provide adequate eye protection. The third form is green mirrored sunwear, which uses a mirrored coating. It is necessary to explain that the color of the mirrored surface is irrelevant to the color of the lens. In this sense, green mirrored sunglasses may have lenses in other colors. And the purpose of applying coatings is to deflect some of the light in bright conditions.

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Choose pink sunglasses for valuable benefits

June 12th, 2010

After only a decade’s development and progression, colored sunglasses have occupied a large portion of the sunwear market. Contemporary sunglass users can always find a local or online retailer who provides many models of sunglasses in a wide variety of colors, like red, pink, blue, peachy, yellow etc. This is by and large good news because customers have numerous options while trying to select a personal suitable one. At the beginning, it is necessary to explain a typical type of colored sunglasses. Taking pink sunglasses as an example, it is understandable to give this name to any pair of sunglasses that appear in this color in aspects of frame, lenses or a combination. In this case, it is even undeniable to say there are three types of pink sunwear. However, most of the attention has been given to the most noticeable part of a pair of sunshade, the lenses. And thus sunglasses with pink lenses have been recognized as the commonest type of pink sunwear.

Due to the girly look created by pink sunglasses, there have been lots of fans of these products. For this group of people, pink sunwear is really typical and unique. They are lighter in color than red sunglasses but are still enough to generate a similar effect that is strongly desired. This may partially explain the particular popularity of these products among individuals with any face shapes. It is an obvious fact that pink sunwear is widely used by oval-faced folks, oblong-faced people, round-faced individuals as well as wearers with square, heart-shaped, or triangle faces. It is important to point out that these people with different facial shapes should choose pink sunwear in specific shapes. For instance, an oblong face will go best with a pink pair that can lessen the length of the face and cover more of the middle of the face.

In addition to the fashion enjoyment, another valuable benefit brought by pink sunglasses is contributed by the lens color itself. Nowadays, sunglass lenses especially those for sports can be in various tints, such as yellow, orange, amber, rose, red, green and gray. Lenses of any type have their own optical features or properties. In particular, pink and rose tinted sunglass lenses will help heighten contrast in partly cloudy and sunny conditions, even though significant color imbalances may by caused. Many outdoor sports can benefit from pink sunwear lenses, like cycling, fishing, shooting, snowmobiling etc.

Tips for choosing color sunglasses

May 11th, 2010

Today, color sunglasses are important parts of our life. Colored sunglasses can not only offer us fashion, but also provide us with the protection our eyes need. As for how to select the suitable and good color sunglasses and what sunglasses colors should choose, people may not know much about it. The following will give some tips on colored sunglasses and sunglasses colors.

For choosing color sunglasses, we should not just pay attention to its style, however, should pay more attention to their functions. The primary function for colored sunglasses is UV radiation protection. There is a label or tag to illustrate if the color sunglasses can provide full protection from UVA and UVB light. If you are not sure if the color sunglasses indeed have the specified function, you can go to your optometrist for test.

Another important factor for color sunglasses is to choose the right sunglasses colors, which is not just related to the appearance, but the most important is different sunglasses colors can provide different protections. Usually sunglasses colors of grey tinted are believed to give the highest protection. But it can be dangerous for sunglasses colors tinted blue or purple, since it can expose you to more ultraviolet radiation than no glasses. And to choose the right sunglasses colors, you have to check if the sunglasses color fits for your skin color.

Besides choosing the right sunglasses colors, make sure to choose the style fit for your facial and nose shape, skin and hair color in order to make the color sunglasses look great on you. Therefore, the colored sunglasses will be a combination of a kind of dressing up with the protection.

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