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How personified is your fashion sense? In a bigger picture, the fashion statement is defined by the eyewear you sport.

Each zodiac sign deserves an amazing pair of sunglasses this summer and we are here to help you with that! Basing on all zodiac personalities, we’ve matched up the perfect pair of sun shades for each zodiac sign to rock out this summer.


Aries (March 21–April 20)


A fire sign, red is your color, as are structured pieces with daring frames. You take a keen liking to accessories, and you are also a child at heart and enjoy attention.

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Taurus (April 21 – May 20)


Emotional as you are, you prefer frames that look timeless, which work the best when coming to your eyewear such as classic aviators!

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Gemini (May 21–Jun 20)


As the zodiac sign would suggest, there are two sides to your fashion sense. Not only trendy but also retro frames make for fashion forward approach.

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Cancer (June 21–July 22)


Intuitive and sensible than any others, you will take a more practical approach and choose sunglasses that are more functional when it comes to eyewear fashion.

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Leo (July 23–August 22)


Ruled by none other than the Sun, Leo is generosity, warmth, charisma and bravery. You enjoy being in the spotlight and never shy away from wearing any dramatic pieces that will standout to attract appeal.

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Virgo (August 23–September 22)


As a born perfectionist and a stickler for details, you want intricately decorated and well-crafted pieces that scream class and sophistication. It is no surprise that colors like dark-gray are among your favourite, as well as grand shapes, the sunglasses below are just the right mix of texture and temperament.

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Libra (September 23–October 22)


You are naturally inclined towards the finer things in life, thus a good fashion sense is something you don’t have to work hard at. Try some classy pairs for some added flair, you’ll be radiating effortless, cool vibes before you realize it.

#F18904A: https://www.firmoo.com/eyeglasses-p-5881.html

Scorpio (October 23–November 21)


Intensity, simplicity, dark and rich tones. Eye catching attire and daring shapes, like the sunnies below. As Scorpio natives tend to be mysterious — burgundy glasses will certainly work best for you. Do not hesitate to try on edgy styles once in a while.

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Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)


Adventurous,confident and optimist as you are, you don’t mind making heads turn and never shy away from bold frames. Thus large-size frames, functional and imaginative as they are, can refresh your trendy vibes.

#F26808: https://www.firmoo.com/eyeglasses-p-4331.html

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)


Capricorn is always ambitious, you tend to be drawn towards attractive and subtle styles with bright color tone, which can make you stand out more.

#F18903A: https://www.firmoo.com/eyeglasses-p-5880.html

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)


Your unique and original approach to life translates into creative and independent fashion statement. No matter how many specs you already own, you will still pursue those high-profile eyewear to be eye-catching and make a fine focal point.


Pisces (February 19–March 20)


The most intuitive sign in the zodiac is also quite insightful when it comes to rocking the right eyewear trend. Your personal style is quite distinguish with public’s as you like being unique.

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Don’t be afraid to own your personality and let it shown by your fashion choices. Come to Firmoo and get your unique style!

Protection, Comfort and Relief, Computer Glasses Give You All | Firmoo.com

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– Screen Time is Hurting Your Health.


Computers, mobile phones and many different kinds of electronic devices are becoming an integral part of our daily work and life. However, all the screens we watch at throughout the day can emit blue light. Although our bodies need some blue light to regulate our physiological states, such as sleep cycles, prolonged exposure to blue light from electronic devices can certainly cause eye strain, blurred vision, red eyes and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome, which can eventually lead to permanent damage to your eyes. However, wearing blue light blocking glasses can reduce the amount of blue light your eyes are exposed to every day, thus helping to mitigate the negative health effects of blue light.


– What Are the Blue Light Blocking Glasses?


Most of us wear glasses for correcting our vision, but not all glasses can be applied for such situations. Blue light blocking glasses differ from regular glasses in that they are specifically designed to help to relieve computer-related eyestrain. In general, we work on the computer about eight hours per day. Working for long hours can make us more prone to vision related problems. Unfortunately, we are not alert to the fact that our eyes are tired and irritated at the end of the workday.


The blue light blocking glasses can block 400nm~455nm harmful blue light to lessen eye strain and offer 100% anti-reflective coating and 97% light transmittance to get better vision, which is also the feature that helps increase the contrast of the screen without over-stimulating your eyes.


– What Are the Benefits of the Blue Light Blocking Glasses?


No one could bear eyestrain, blurred vision or frequent computer-related headaches. Reducing glare and increasing contrast, which allow us to look at the screen for long periods of time without discomfort, are some of the benefits of blue light blocking glasses.

For most of us, the workplace is where we spend much time. In the process of working, we sometimes feel the need to peer over our glasses or hunch closer to the computer to be able to read the screen better, but it seems not useful. Blue light blocking glasses can provide us clearer vision, minimizing the glare of screen and relieving sensitivity to light and headaches. In addition, they also provide better sleep levels.


– Enjoy A Better Digital World with Firmoo Blue Light Blocking Glasses.


Daily life without screens might be hard to imagine, but headache-free screen time is easy for us to gain.

Firmoo blue light blocking lenses are special-purpose eyeglasses meant to optimize your eyesight when you’re looking at digital screens. They’re designed to reduce glare (a major cause of eyestrain), increase contrast, and maximize what you see through the lenses – making it easier to look at a screen for longer periods of time.

Get more comfortable and clearer vision here:https://www.firmoo.com/computer-glasses.html

How to Choose Right Tinted Glasses? | Firmoo.com

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– What are tinted lenses for?
Tinted lenses have been in fashion trend ever since. Beyond complimenting your daily outfits, there are so many important aspects for lens tints.
A good tinted lens can not only protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation and provide comfortable visual experience, but also filter blue light radiation to the best level no matter in strong light or diffuse light.

– What are tinted lenses for?


Tinted lenses have been in fashion trend ever since. Beyond complimenting your daily outfits, there are so many important aspects for lens tints.

A good tinted lens can not only protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation and provide comfortable visual experience, but also filter blue light radiation to the best level no matter in strong light or diffuse light.


Dark tint / Light tint / Gradient tint


Dark and light tints are single solid color from the top to the bottom of the lens. However, gradient tints are darkest at the top of the lens and lightens gradually from the top to the bottom, which react to the amount of light they are exposed to.

Light tinted lenses can be worn indoors, however they may not have excellent effect to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays while going out. At the same time, light tinted glasses, like purple and brown lenses are great accessories, they are not only a chic way to see the world, but you can also choose different colors to match your daily look according to your wardrobe.

Dark tinted glasses, such as grey or green are ideal for when youre out in the summer sun. Dark tints can mute brightness, but still maintain clarity and strong contrasts. They are dark enough to provide protection from glare, but are light enough to ensure that your vision is not impaired.


– Choosing the right color for yourself

Grey: Grey tinted lenses can provide good protection from glare and keep color distortion to a minimum. Generally speaking, grey lenses are most common choice for everyday use and best for outside driving or fishing.





Brown: It can filter out blue light, and improve vision comparison and clarity, which also has wide application in outdoor sports like golf.





Green: Green tinted lenses can mildly heighten contrast and preserve color balance in low light conditions. The human eyes are most sensitive to green wavelengths of light, so green lenses can provide the highest contrast and visual acuity.




Blue: Blue tints can be good choice for fashion tints in lighter shades. Moreover, it can reduce yellow light and have been commonly applied in working conditions with sodium vapor lighting and excessive glare, or entertainment place like ski resort.




Purple: Purple is balanced color which provides natural color perception while shading the eye, which is also a chic choice for fashion-forward look on the bright sunny day.




– Order your own tint glasses:

After choosing your favorite frame and fill in your accurate prescription, then you can select tints you need.


We havent covered every lens tint possibility in this article. And we encourage you to know about your real need and analyze your own situation before creating an order. You wont regret spending time or money spent investing on right tinted lenses.

Change Your Glasses & Refresh Your Look | Firmoo.com

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No doubt that picking a right frame can greatly enhance your look. However how to choose a suitable pair is not so easy. We did a research from our customers about how they choose suitable eyeglasses. Here is the results below, let’s listen to them and get inspiration from them.



”When I am looking for new glasses, the style of the glasses is always most important to me! I look for photos of glasses I like on Instagram or Pinterest, and then try to find a similar style on your website! Looking on your Instagram was really helpful because there are a lot of cute, stylized pictures, and the frame is in the caption!”

Get Your New Look: #S7755X: https://www.firmoo.com/eyeglasses-p-5465.html



”I know that my old glasses are looking kind of ”new” but they are actually 3 years old. The main problem i have with them is the frame. It is way tho thin and fragile. I am using my glasses at work when I’m on my computer so i constantly take them on and off. The fact that the frame is so fragile make me scared to break them and refrain me. With my new glasses, I wanted something that still looks unique and was kind of thin but I also wanted something a lot more solid. And for the look, because I have a round face, I’ve always known big glasses were the thing for me. The bigger they are, the smaller it make my face look. If they are too small, the roundness of my face is exaggerated.”

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”I look for the style I want and narrow it down by filtering. (Ex: tortoise colour, round shape, etc) I pick out a couple I like and one by one go through the reviews and look at other people wearing the glasses to get a better idea. Then I pick the glasses I want and fill in my prescription and wait for my package. :)”

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”I spend a lot of time in the store trying different styles and moving my face in order to choose the perfect glasses that are comfortable and look good on me. This time I looked some of the pics and try to find someone like me in order to see how the glasses look. It was very difficult for me to choose just with a picture of the glasses. I watched a lot of YouTube videos first.”

Get Your New Look:#YSL366:https://www.firmoo.com/eyeglasses-p-4604.html



”Usually I choose depending the style I search, most of the time I keep the same kind of shape because I think this special shape is perfect for me, so I prefer keeping it, and I like when it look retro/vintage as it’s more trendy now! My actual favourite style are also clear color and black/gold, helping me also to have a different style even if the shape is similar!”

Get Your New Look:#S11050X:https://www.firmoo.com/eyeglasses-p-5446.html

After listening to others’ experience in choosing glasses, is there any inspiration for you? Let the glasses no longer be a lesser burden, but a bonus, so that they can complement your whole temperament to a higher level.

Color Collection for Your Week | Firmoo.com

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Each day of the week can carry a unique theme color to express your mood. Wearing different glasses can greatly inspire you at work and make for colorful time. Come to get your daily pair of glasses!




Monday is often associated with Moon, which is considered to be very lucky for you. Thus it’s a day to set your weekly goal and get clear about your plans and schedules.

Get Inspiration for Monday: https://www.firmoo.com/clear-eyeglasses.html



Red can last good fortune, which symbolizes passion and energy. This color stimulates you to pour yourself in work and go ahead with vitality and enthusiasm.

Get Inspiration for Tuesday: https://www.firmoo.com/red-eyeglasses.html



Wednesday is in the middle of the common workweek, which maybe the busiest day of the week. So you need some fresh air to make yourself feel less stressful with green color after a brainstorming.

Get Inspiration for Wednesday: https://www.firmoo.com/green-eyeglasses.html



Blue is the color of tranquility, which gives you the peace that is hard to find in the hustle and bustle of the city. It helps you wind down from the complex tasks and expect the approach of Friday.

Get Inspiration for Thursday: https://www.firmoo.com/blue-eyeglasses.html



As the busy week is coming to an end, it’s time to seek relaxation to release yourself. Just get a date on Friday night, the gorgeous tiny pink can spread a long stream of fine romance.

Get Inspiration for Friday: https://www.firmoo.com/pink-eyeglasses.html



As the Sabbath day of the Bible, Saturday can be a day that many people do leisure activities. Without any working tasks or meetings, you can easily enjoy cozy time at home, thus black casual frames will be better choices.

Get Inspiration for Saturday: https://www.firmoo.com/black-eyeglasses.html



The day of the Sun, it is observed as a day of worship and rest. Sunday can be the perfect day to go out with your intimates and flatter this wonderful day with pattern colors.

Get Inspiration for Sunday: https://www.firmoo.com/pattern-eyeglasses.html


Come to Firmoo and select color to express your mood, our rainbow week collection allows you to have your theme color for everyday eyewear!

Get your colorful week here:https://www.firmoo.com/z/colors-for-the-week.html

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Here’s the thing about glasses that you should take care, as your eyes deserve proper attention, not just for eye care, but your overall health. Even if you can see clear with the current pair of glasses you wear, it doesn’t mean it still work well. And it is especially true if your glasses have been in use for more than two years.

Blurry vision may be an obvious sign, but there are subtle indicators that can help you notice your eye condition. The following telltale signs can tell that you may need new eyeglasses.

1. Blurred Vision

If you have sudden or occasional blur of vision and accompany by loss of focus, you may experience blurred vision. As eye professional says that, obstructed vision refers to indicative sign, which can occur in one or both of your eyes, and may be due to severe change in your vision condition. It informs you that an updated prescription and further testing will be needed, to rule out any serious diseases, such as cataracts.

2. Frequent Squinting

Holding your book closer than usual? People who are constantly squinting usually have a problem seeing clearly. As we all know that squinting is a subconscious way to improve focus and clarity, and you may not even realize you’re doing it. However, when you’re squinting, you end up excessively straining your eye in the long run, making your vision problems even worse. If you notice yourself squinting more while reading a book or working on the computer, you might need a new prescription and replace your old glasses.

3. Headache

People usually fail to associate their recurring headaches with their vision condition, however it is one of the earliest signs of change. When you experience frequent headaches after looking at something closely for a considerable amount of time, this could be another sign that your prescription needs to be updated. Because your eyes have been strained and fatigued, which certainly leads to frequent headaches.

4. Eye Fatigue Or Discomfort

Eye fatigue or pain can be caused by several factors, such as working on the computer over hours or reading for too long, but these impacts should only last for moments. If you are experiencing eyes fatigue or discomfort all the time, especially when you’re squinting for clearer vision, it warns that you will need a new glasses to help alleviate the strain.

5. Scratched Lenses

In addition to your own physiological factors, the glasses themselves also need to be taken into account. No matter how careful you are, scratches on the lenses are inevitable, especially if your glasses have accompanied you for years. Regardless of how small or even inconspicuous these scratches are, and you don’t even feel like they have any effect when you are seeing, but in long run they will certainly be adverse to your vision.

6. Old-fashioned Frame

As an indispensable accessory, a perfect pair will lift your fashion sense to a higher level. After years of wearing, you glasses may be no longer trendy as it used to be. In addition, for eye wearers, you can revamp your style with fresh eyeglass frames to get makeover, which will also greatly enhance your whole outfit.

If you are experiencing the above signs, you should visit an eye doctor for a checkup first, and then select a perfect pair that suits you best.

Just click here to find your perfect match:https://www.firmoo.com

How to Find Frames with the Perfect Size | Firmoo.com

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A properly fitting eyeglass frame makes as much difference to your personality as a properly tailored suit. If you’ve tried to order glasses online, you’ve probably felt confused about the terms and sizing methods requested by various companies. Here, we’ve complied a comprehensive guide which will be of immense help for you to choose the right fit for yourself.

Base on Frame Dimensions

The better your frames fit, the better they flatter your face. Consider searching for your glasses as you would for a pair of shoes–first of all, you need to know about the frame dimensions. Actually, the frame size incorporates three key figures, all of which are measured in millimeters. 图片1 1) Total Width: the width of the frame from one screw to the other, ensuring the frame fits the width of your face. It is very important for you to select the suitable frames online.

2) Lens width: the width of the lenses, ensuring the frame fits the width of your eye and temporal bone.

3) Bridge width: the distance between two lenses, ensuring the frame fits your nose.

4) Temple length: the length of the temple from each screw to its ears.

How to Find Your Size?


You can measure your old pair of glasses to get the dimensions that fit you the best, or you can also read the dimensions of your old pair, whose size data is usually listed on the temple arm.

We divide our frames into 3 categories: Narrow, Medium and Wide, which represents the total width of the frame. Once you have gained the accurate data, you can sort by different size.


Narrow and small face: smaller than 135mm

Medium sized face: 135mm to 140mm

Wide face: larger than 140mm

Figure Out Your Face Shape


The following are five common face shapes:

1) A round face has curved lines with the width and length in the same proportions and no angles. Thus angular frame shape with angular edges and corners,creating perfect feeling of stereo.

2) An oval face has slightly wider cheekbones and a gentle narrowing at the forehead and jaw, therefore any style such as square or round frames with equal width of the broadest part of the face can keep its natural balance.

3) A heart face is more like an upside down triangle, with a wide forehead that narrows to a pointed chin, which tends to have high, angled cheekbones, for example Jennifer Aniston. To make the forehead look smaller and chin look broader, we recommend light narrow and round frames, which can add width to the lower facial section and balancing the width of your face.

4) A square face has more angular lines with equally wide cheekbones and forehead, such as Olivia Wilde and Rosario Dawson. Round or oval frames have streamlined frames with soft shape which will soften the angles and adding contrast to strong facial features.

5) A triangle face is widest at the jaw and gradually narrows through to the forehead, then frames with strong brow line (semi-rimless and top heavy styles) will balance the upper face and the jaw.

You can read our blog: https://bit.ly/faceshape1 to figure out your face shape and the recommended frames.

Consider Your Prescription


First and foremost, glasses belong to medical device. In order to get the best wearing experience, keep in mind to review your prescription. As we all know that for myopic prescription, the lenses are always thicker at the edges than in the center. If your prescription is less than -2.00, almost any frame size or shape will be suitable, while the lenses also have cosmetically acceptable edge thickness. Recommendation:





Most of current trendy frames are made of plastic or metal with rims thinner than the lenses themselves. Also popular are rimless frames that leave the lens edge completely exposed. When it comes to the prescriptions over -2.00 but below -6.00, smaller frames should be considered to avoid edge thickness, thus semi-rimless or full frames both are suitable.





For those over -6.00, wearers with serious prescription should be aware that large frames with a wider lens is not recommended, and full frames can be best choice. Or you’d better choose the rimless mounting, high-index lenses contribute to thinner edge, lighter weight and greater comfort.





Here you should notice that, progressive lenses have specific requirements for frame height and shape, in order to ensure the accurate segment height and enough space for three viewing areas. Usually, the frame height should be among 30-40mm, thus some unique styles like aviator and cat eye frames cannot be taken into consideration when choosing frames for progressives, or the reading area may be cut off.

Consider Your PD

If you’ve never worn glasses before, you might not know that the pupillary distance (PD) is a very important and valuable number. It’s a measurement in millimeters between your eyes from the center of one pupil to the center of the other. Typically, an adult’s PD falls in a range from 55 to 75 mm, and a kid’s is somewhere between 42 to 55 mm.

-The importance of PD in choosing frame

Only correct PD on your glasses prescription will guarantee that you can look through the ideal spot in your lenses. If your PD is not accurate, the lenses will not be matched up properly with your eyes and your glasses won’t be as effective as they should be either.

-How to measure your PD 图片3 Usually, your PD is measured by your eye care professional in an eye exam and it should be included in your prescription receipt. However you can also measure it by yourself.

Step 1. Stand about 25cm (9.84 inches) away from a mirror. Hold the ruler over your eyes.

Step 2. Close your right eye and use your left eye to look straight at the mirror. Keep the ruler’s “0” measurement exactly in line with the center of your left pupil.

Step 3. Close your left eye and open your right eye while looking straight, and the number right directly over your right pupil is your PD.

Step 4. Repeat at least three times to make it accurate.

Here you should notice that for bifocal and progressive lenses, two PD values are needed. In such case, we recommend you to get your PD directly from the optometrist.

Check Your Nose Fit

In order to stay in place, your frame needs something such as your nose to hold on. Thus it is crucial to find a frame that is comfortable to fit for your nose. Generally speaking, you should take the height of your nose bridge into consideration and avoid any red marks or indentation. Tips:

As for girls, be careful that don’t let your eyelashes touch your lenses. In addition, if you have small eyes, just keep away from large-size glasses which will make your eyes look even smaller.

Try Them On

While you get your pair, just try them on, tilt your head forward and shake vigorously from side to side.

If the frame doesn’t complement you to perfection, never be worried. Firmoo’s friendly exchange&return policy promises our customers 100% satisfaction. Just log in your account center and apply for the exchange&return, once we received your request, your exclusive CSR will email you to solve the issue.

Come to Firmoo and select the perfect eyeglass frame to enhance your looks and lifestyle today!


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Do you hold that zodiac sign represents your personality only? However we’ll have you convinced that you at least share a fashion sense with people who share your zodiac sign. We match up best eyewear with your zodiac sign so that whenever you step out, you can be sure for sending out trendy vibes.


Aries (March 21–April 20)


The celestial wild character, ruled by Mars… You get your energy and liveliness from the God of War, and you have a zeal for life that is contagious and take a keen liking to accessories. Any bold, bright color will work for you, especially red, since that is your power color.

Taurus (April 21 – May 20)


Taurus is emotional and the bull enjoys all fine material things in life. You are calm and determined–your clothing often reflects that. You are also reluctant to change and fashion trends are the relentless and futile pursuit for you. Timeless pieces work the best when it comes to your eyewear such as black square frames!

Gemini (May 21–June 21)


The twins ruled by Mercury, the Messenger God. You are intellectual, creative and ever-evolving. Any trendy or retro frames will suit your personality just well, especially tortoise —- Brown as the main color tone, such large size frame will certainly complement your fashion sense to perfection.

Cancer (June 22–July 22)


Ruled by the Moon, you are sensitive, emotional and kind-hearted.  When it comes to eyewear fashion, you take a more practical approach, choosing to buy glasses that are more functional, as opposed to stylish– a sensible take. Thus aesthetically pleasing and not too trendy frame can be your favor. Here our advice is to go for #DBSN62278. You will love the transparency and sophistication it offers!

Leo (July 23–August 23)


Ruled by none other than the Sun, Leo is generosity, warmth, charisma and bravery, who loves to be in the spotlight and never shy away from wearing any eccentric pieces that will standout to attract appeal. Unconventional frames such pattern are the must-have in your eyewear wardrobe, because for you, bold is beautiful!

Virgo (August 24–September 21)


As a born perfectionist and a stickler for details, though you’d rather be away from doing any major fashion experiments, mostly choosing to play it safe, you want intricately decorated and well-crafted pieces that scream class and sophistication. While go for eyewear, your practical and methodical nature will narrow you in certain choice, so go for styles such as blacks and hues of blue will be the regular ones.

Libra (September 24–October 23)


A good fashion sense is something you don’t have to work hard at. When it comes to eyewear, a classy, dramatic pair for yourself can lift your sense of fashion to higher level, thus translucent frame like #LKFS1001 can be best choise! And your style-conscious character will clear the way for you.

Scorpio (October 24–November 22)


Needless to say, you have an intense personality that becomes overwhelming most of the times. A remarkable characteristic of this sign is, Scorpio natives tend to be mysterious — burgundy glasses will certainly work best for you, as do dark colored lenses, since you sometimes like to go incognito, and never hesitate to try on edgy styles.

Sagittarius (November 23–December 21)


You are adventurous, confident, intelligent, enthusiastic and optimist. You don’t mind making heads turn and you certainly don’t shy away from a few bold accessories. Pick glasses that are as functional as they are fun, thus large-size frames can refesh your vibes.

Capricorn (December 22–January 20)


Fashion trends are over-rated for the ambitious and hard-working Capricorn. So, it’s the classics all the way for you. You tend to be drawn towards attractive and subtle styles with bright color tone, which are not too striking, such as the brown pattern frame will always be the right choice.

Aquarius (January 21–February 19)


Aquarius is the most breezy, easy-going sign of the zodiac, but also a bit of a wild child–a rebel with a flair for drama. Your unique and original approach to life translates into creative and independent fashion statement. No matter how many pieces you already own, you will still pursue those high-profile accessories to make you stand out of the crowd, then our hot item #S947 completes well.

Pisces (February 20–March 20)


The most intuitive sign in the zodiac is also quite insightful when it comes to rocking the right eyewear trends. Your personal style is quite distinguish with public’s as you like being unique. Let your imagination and free-spirit shine through with creative and stylish pieces, how about the transparent blue — #F18801A. Among colors, sky-blue holds a special place in your heart when it comes to eyewear.

Now you know why you are drawn to certain types of eyewear – it’s your zodiac sign! Come to Firmoo and get your unique choice!

Spring Outfits | Firmoo.com

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Are you looking for the perfect style of the season? Meet the perfect accessory in spring: glasses. From cute to casual, your frames can be the stylish bonus that take your spring outfits to a higher level.




Match a v-neck sweater with high-rise jeans for a lighter spring outing. Half-bun hair pairs with Firmoo large-size glasses that can perfectly shape the delicate face as the v-sweater does. Sometimes it is perfect to enable a chic pair of glasses to add bonus itself! While such casual style isn’t stylistically the same as the iconic 80s coke-bottle frames, it gives a similar feel with their size and how they rest on the face.

lkfs (1)

If #LKFS1957R suits your taste, just check this link: https://www.firmoo.com/eyeglasses-p-5038.html




A hoodie with big logo matches with jeans can create classic look. Spicing up this fresh outfit, a pair of tortoise frame with loose hair to complete the look! Such design is concise but never too drab which can probably be the fantasy accessory to light up your street style without losing the sense of fashion.


If #S958X suits your taste, just check this link: https://www.firmoo.com/eyeglasses-p-4945.html




Leather jacket, which is the necessary and fashionable item of spring. Who says that only sunglasses and leather coat make a good match? Clear frame will also bring unique feeling, it can complement tedium brought by heavy dark, and go well with loose curl hair that utilizes fresh color. Also they are perfectly sophisticated for this cozy, cool look. Black contrasts sharply with light color, but they play off each other well, creating a perfect spring weekend effect.


If #DBSN62320 suits your taste, just check this link:https://www.firmoo.com/eyeglasses-p-4606.html




After months of dark shade and heavy fabrics, you are now able to put on outfits with bright color and softer fabrics to show your attractive figure and unique style. How about a translucent pink pair? The wide frame is full of glossy overall, along with gold temple arms, which perfectly complements the pink windcheater. Such tender frame is not only  feminine but never lose the swag!


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You can never go wrong in a white shirt, which is always fresh and vital! However some accessories can be bonus to the overall look, such as a pair of noteworthy glasses. Round frames always represent nifty which go well with smart short hair and the floral turban. The temple arms have a shiny gold finish with tortoiseshell acetate tips that can make whole outfit no longer tedious.


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Floral skirt is the indispensable element of spring, whose delicate and gaudy color fully shows fresh and vigor. However, a pair of concise black round frame glasses can properly weaken some of multifarious decorative pattern, which also foil mutually with sexy red lips at the same time, smart but never lose intellectuality.


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INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY —— Be the Queen of Yourself | Firmoo.com

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International Women’s Day is all about women, here we celebrate this day and the greatness of all girls around the world. Just in this day, get a bold new look as the beautiful and empowered trueself that you are. So, we’ve compiled our favourite Three Styles that will help you feel ready to refresh your own style!


Be Bold to Change




Those looking to invest a little more fantasy into their eyewear should consider these quirky, high-fashion Cat-eye frames.

A classy pair of glasses with dedicate detailing on the temple arms and attractively curved sides. These refined glasses will add a touch of enchanting flair to any outfit and are right on-trend which can make the perfect statement for fashion-conscious or artsy women. Just try them on —— you’ll never want to let go.




tig Be Hero of Yourself




Who has said that women can’t be cool? For modern ladies, they certainly need the flattering aviator frames with contemporary design and style. Such a fresh and playful pair of glasses, with thin full-frames and delicate metal arms complete with the Firmoo logo. No doubt that it makes your face angular and brings a cool allure and untamable breath. Be hero of yourself to underline your creative personality!




tig Stay Young and Vivacious




What can express your age, isn’t just limited to the clothes you wear but extends to the accessories too.

These fashion-forward Firmoo #F18902A glasses feature the bold and semi-transparent patterned sides. These high fashion pairs look like they’ve been taken straight off the exhition stand with their loud, multi-coloured pattern and unique style. With the square shape and slightly rounded angles, they will look incredible on your petite face – not to mention that such frames will be one of the hottest silhouettes of the moment among modern ladies.



We know how powerful women can be – everyone would mean nothing without them – so celebrate this day with all women around you, cherish them and help those who need it. And don’t forget to check out our WOMEN Collection. Happy Women’s Day!